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Where to get Modafinil?!


Buy Modafinil online or go and try to get prescribed Modafinil?
The second one is a no-brainer, obviously… 😄

Ah.. Decisions, decisions…


As if there aren’t enough to make at work, plenty more await at home… And all you want is a way to get through stressful days with some semblance of clarity.


Can you relate?


I go to Crazy Larry. He’s the nearest thing to a snake oil salesman every time he goes off on his latest find. Of late, that happens to be his journey down a Yellow Brick Road filled with alertness pharma choices.

They all promise to make him smarter. The jury is out on that.

Since I don’t speak pharma, his babbling left me clueless. Modalert vs waklert. Modalert vs modvigil. Wait; there’s more. Waklert vs artvigil.

The dude is speaking in foreign tongues for all I know.

But I really need to get my act together at work and urns of dark roast coffee have turned me into a mess. I go in search for answers and find Modafinil for sale online.


Good thing you found the best place to buy Modafinil online.  😉


Afinil Express, Duckdose, ModafinilStar… All closed. They were reputable online Modafinil vendors, but that doesn’t really matter nowadays. You have a new go-to source where you can buy Modafinil at the fraction of the price that you would pay for Provigil.


First step: learn the lingo.


Provigil is the family grandfather and his offspring are Modvigil and Modalert.

The side of the family we don’t talk about? Waklert and Artvigil. They’re generics from another member of the family… armodafinil…

Then Vilafinil pops up out of nowhere..


Say what?


The key differences between the five generic brands of Modafinil and Armodafinil are quite insignificant. One is cheaper than the other, thus one fellow newbie to the online Modafinil space could assume that more expensive = better quality.

Bottom line: they’ve all got the same chemical roots but each has been tweaked in India’s hottest medication production facilities: Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma.

I don’t want to be smart. I just want to stay awake…


Having been introduced to The Big Four, I’m eager to learn how these products perform.

Reading packages doesn’t help. Marketing gurus have done their thing. I need a product that will deliver on these perks:

-I’ll stay awake even if I’ve gone without sleep for so long that I can’t recall my pillow.

-My ability to focus and ability to concentrate will morph me into Bradley Cooper from the movie “Limitless.” (or at least something close to that…)

-Improved cognition? My brain might just explode from an overdose of sensory awareness.

-The attention span I’ve been mourning will return like Superman on steroids.

-I could be looking at a promotion from my bosses once they witness my increased levels of productivity.

-Hell, I could lose weight. I don’t need to, but why turn down a benefit while I’m not a hot streak?

10 things to know about Modalert


1. It’s considered the Cadillac generic brand of Modafinil. Sales are hot. So is quality.

2. It’s made by Sun Pharma and known for turning slackers into Mensa candidates.

3. Modalert is considered by most to be the strongest generic brand of Modafinil you can buy.

4. Side effects may include diarrhea and sleeplessness. Hopefully, not both. Hope you like my sense of humor. I’m actually on it while writing this.  😅

5. Modalert has a long half-life—12-to-14 hours on average.

6. You’ll spend a tiny bit more on this smart drug. Not something you’ll notice if you’re not going Dutch shopping.

7. Are you a newbie? Those in the know affirm that Modalert is a superior starter drug. I think either brand of Modafinil packs a punch… Other factors may influence the overall Modafinil experience.

8. The stimulating aspects of the so-called “King of Modafinil generics” make it the most desirable of the bunch. Some say that it may make you too agitated… I say that they just took too much.

9. You might get feelings of anxiety at first (especially if you’ve taken a whole tablet), but they should disappear.

10. This is an all-around ideal product for Modafinil and Armodafinil virgins.


10 things to know about Modvigil


1. This HAB Pharma product is slightly less strong and pure as its other generic rival. Many people claim that, but it could also be the psychological factor of it being cheaper.

2. Modvigil contains the same amount of Modafinil as Modalertl. Don’t let the name fool you.

3. Makes a good starter product if you’re living on a shoestring budget.

4. Some people say that Modvigil’s half-life is shorter than that of Modalert, a benefit you may desire. Personally, I would take that fact with a pinch of salt, since there are plenty of differing opinions regarding Modafinil (Reddit, Quora, Longecity users are quite outspoken).

5. Many users have said that sleeping comes easier when taking Modvigil than Modalert.

6. Don’t let a single experience determine your opinion about Modvigil or Modafinil in general. There’s enough evidence to support the effectiveness of both.

7. The pharmaceutical company that manufactures Modvigil, HAB Pharmaceuticals, is a giant company that also produces hundreds of other supplements and medication.

8. It’s sold online as tablets containing 200mg of Modafinil, the same as Modalert.

9. Expect a boost in arousal and wakefulness, but a dopamine flood? Not so much.

10. A favorite of shift workers who have found other drugs to be too stimulating.


10 things to know about Waklert


1. Waklert is the beloved child of best-selling Sun Pharma heavy hitter, Armodafinil. Online, it’s the most popular generic brand of Armodafinil you can buy.

2. Waklert is the generic brand of the first brand of Armodafinil to be manufactured and marketed, namely Nuvigil.

3. A potency debate rages on: you may find Waklert a stronger alternative to Modalert.

4. The rush of Waklert may not be as intense as Modalert.

5. Waklert benefits kick in within 30 minutes and last between 5-to-7 hours after taking it.

6. Fans claim that this is the only tablet that gets them to bed at a reasonable time.

7. The overall potency of 150 mg of Armodafinil is the same as 200mg of Modafinil.

8. Waklert is indeed the most expensive of the four, but my opinion is that it’s worth the buck for your bang-bang go-go productivity show.

9. If your goal is getting 6-to-10 solid hours of performance, you’ve gotta try it. The focus enhancement factor is superior to Modalert.

10. Waklert isn’t as neatly packed as the others and is the most compact of the four, but who cares?


10 things to know about Artvigil


1. Artvigil is the cheaper version of Waklert. Thus, people assume it’s weaker. Personally, I’m not sure regarding that aspect, as I’ve tried it only a few times.

2. Artvigil is one of the top-sellers of HAB Pharmaceutical.

3. This generic brand of Armodafinil is one of the cheapest available “afinils” on the web.

4. It’s the least popular of the four, which means that opinions can also be deceiving.

5. Whether or not Artvigil is weaker than Waklert, you should always start with half to assess your reaction. You can always re-dose.

There’s really nothing more to say about Artvigil. Told ya that I haven’t taken it as often as the others.

End of story?


Not really. If you’re desperate to reverse your lethargy and perform like an Indy race car driver, finding the right product for your unique body is just the beginning.

Having read so many articles on the topic of Modalert vs Waklert, Modalert vs Modvigil and Waklert vs Artvigil, your next step is to try as many as you can to see which works for you.

Look upon this trial and error process in the same way your mom did when she tried to find a vegetable you would eat. Once you find that product, it’s going to change everything about your life for the better.