Will Piracetam make my Brain Stronger? How does piracetam work? How does it help me?

A Guide To Piracetam

The first nootropic ever created was way back in 60’s Piracetam, it is where nootropics were born. Piracetam is the OG of nootropics. Moreover, it was the beginning of what is now known as biohacking. Millions of people have now used piracetam around the world, and I have to tell you that it’s got admiring reviews. I am talking about brain-boosting effects like improving focus, memory, concentration, and several other benefits. Piracetam works on the central nervous system and brain by increasing some of the specific actions between the neurons.

What the heck does that mean?

As it has barely given you an indication about the whole story of Piracetam, so let’s discuss it from the very beginning.

The Beginning of Piracetam:

As I said earlier that Piracetam is the first ever nootropic supplement developed. The supplement was formed way back in 1964 in a Belgium Laboratory; It was synthetically prepared by gents at UBC pharma to enhance the communication ofCorpus Callosum

If you think that“What is Corpus?” then don’t sweat.

Corpus Callosum is the communication manager of two sides of the brain, and it manages the signals which go back and forth between these two sides. After almost eight years of its development, the Piracetam was allowed for the clinical use. This was the first Smart Drugs, so scientists had to come up with the unique name for this supplement. Later, the lead chemist Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, who was in the team of UBC Pharma, invented the word Nootropic. Nootropic word comes from two Greek word“Nous” which means MIND and“Trepein” which means BEND. Join these meanings together, and it will form a sentence“Bend the mind.”Officially, a mind is blown. Chemically, the structure of Piracetam is close to the Amino acid pyroglutamate, the only difference between the two is a single side chain.

Over the past Forty years, Piracetam is the consideration of different kinds of brands, for example, Nootropil, Cerebrospinal, Nootron, Psychotronic.

Today, in most of the world, Piracetam is used to weak the cognitive functions of older patients and to pump up the psychological functions o healthy brains.

How Does Piracetam Work?

I can understand why Are you still here with me?

Let me explain a bit more here. The better the circulation in your brain will be, the healthier Neural Tissue will be. Therefore, it helps to guard against the consistent decay and worn out tissues whicharise as you age. Moreover, better circulation helps to get cell waste in a quick way, which helps toclean your brain.

It might sound little weird, but hear me out.

Hypoxia is a scientific term which means that “There is less oxygen getting to the tissue than the normal oxygen.” When cell membranes are active, there is more shelter from hypoxia. It may diminish or even stop the risk of stroke and other brain-related concerns that can happen due to an absence of oxygen getting to your brain.

It is Easier to recognize when you break it down like that.

Ok, let’s move on.

Piracetam other function is to augment the metabolism of glucose in the brain because it suppresses its reabsorption. This reabsorption helps to boost your brain energy potentially and to make you feel alert.

More Alertness and Brain Energy?

Alertness and Brain energy are something which I need more.

According to the reports Piracetam has several effects on calcium and how it may raise the power ofNeurotransmission in the brain. Moreover, it is known to enhance the levels ofcyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) in the brain.These increasing effects are considered as useful because cAMP develops the mitochondria, a part of cells that is in charge of creaking energy and taking in nutrients, to work like crazy.

Will Piracetam make my Brain Stronger?  How does piracetam work?  How does it help me?
Will Piracetam make my Brain Stronger?

Finally, in 1993, a report on Piracetam revealed that itcould boost activity betweenNMDA receptors andL-glutamate. NMDA is responsible for the regulation of our memories and the growth process of neural pathways.

Yes I know it’s a lot to take in, but now as wehave hada fundamental knowledge on how Piracetam works, so I think we should take it further to discuss the benefits of this badass supplement.

The Benefits and Uses of Piracetam

Many Piracetam customerscontinuously talk about the social, cognitive, physical, and mood benefits they get from taking it on a regular basis. Instead of just talking about its benefits as a whole,let’s go over them one by one so that you can get a clear understanding of eachinterest.

So, let’s start with the Benefits of improved memory and learning.

Piracetam for Memory and Learning:

These two are the most commonbenefits of using Piracetamon a regular basis.

Are You Looking to Modafinil to help Study?
Are You Looking to Piracetam to help Study?

Far back in 1976, articles published in medical journals, which reported boosts in the memory and recall. The first articlewas found in theJournal of Psychopharmacology,and itsaid that a per diem dosage of above 1200 mg of Piracetam made forremarkableprogress in the recall of information and working memory. Another study in 1991 by the New Zealand Journal of Drugs and Ageing showed Piracetam’s ability to learning new things and aid inmemory. Moreover, theinvestigation revealed that Piracetam was able to boost memory andto learnthe research also showed that Piracetam pushes the cholinergic activity in the brain.

Notbad for one supplement, Right?

Now, as you have a general idea about how Piracetam primarily affects the memory and learningabilities, let’s move on totheThought processandfocus

Piracetam for Focus and Thought Process:

The onemost exceptional thing about Piracetam is that it can easily cross between the blood-brain barrier to link with Neuroreceptors.

The two neuroreceptors through which Piracetam directly affects are Glutamate receptors and Acetylcholine. These two neuroreceptors are in charge of memory and thought process.

Now every customer is different from another so that thecustomer might expect different effects depending on their bodystructure. For example, some usergets minor boosts in cognitiveprocess,memory,and some user may begin toquickly recall information on evensmall details they thought had been vanished.

People also have spoken a lot about their capability to stay focusedon any task without a problem. It is only because of the augmented blood flow circulating the brain.When you get theexact amount of blood circulatingin mind, you are going to get a big boost in focus, thought process, and concentration.

For the clarification, Piracetam is not going to make you any smarter. However, things like planning, reading, and writing are going to happen with thesmooth mental flow.

I can’t say anything about you, but I can always use more concentration and focus!

For most people, having improved concentration and focus is going to make their mood better. In the next benefit of Piracetam, I am going to discuss its stellar mood-boosting effects.

Whether this is not one of the well-known benefits Piracetam, but it does have some helpful effects for enlightening one’s mood.

Let’s jump to discuss those rightnow.

Piracetam for Boosting Mood:

There have been lots of cases where consumers have seen improvement in not only their physicalenergy but also in their mentalstrength.

When it comes to those people who are suffering from depression, studies have shown some concrete results. The research shows that people who are suffering from conditions which cause a deficiency of blood flow to the brainare known ascerebrovascular diseases. In thisdisease, a person might experience symptoms of depression.

When stroke patientstook Piracetam, there were improvements in the blood circulation of thebrain,and that was completely normal. However, the increased blood flow may have anextra effect on helping reduce depression and boosting mood.

Moreover, there have beensome unscientific reports found online which say, “Piracetam can decreasethe signs that come along with sleep disorders, and as well as social anxiety and general issues.”

However, there has not been lots of research on these particular areas; experts do not know correctly that how Piracetam effects sleep or anxiety.

Piracetam For Improved Sensory Perception

Many consumers of Piracetam experience a real boost in taking stock of the minor details in the things they touch, see, and smell. Due to higher levels of Acetylcholine in your brain, your sensory perception boosts and for manypeople, it makes the world around them looks brighter.

There aremany reviews where consumerstalk about a sharp ability to recall memories fromvisual,auditory, andsmell-based experiences. There is a majority offirst-time users who say that they noticecolors seem to become intense as soon as Piracetam begins to react.

Apart from the benefits of Piracetam, you are going to feel outside the brain. It also helps a lot inside themind by providing it with more circulation and oxygen.

Piracetam for Circulation and Oxygenation of the Brain:

If the brain has a suitable amount of oxygen, then it can also help to avoid the neuron damage from any conditions of cerebrovascular.

boost your brain with ashwaghandha

Piracetam is also useful when it comes totreating alcoholism by the proper oxygenation of the brain.

When it comes to thecirculation ofblood, then Piracetam has some great benefits.

It does not only get the right amount of blood and oxygen to the brain,butit also works as a great anti-clotting agent. Due to its anti-clotting abilities, Piracetam is listed as a candidate for treating stroke patients whohavesevere damage in cerebral that brought on by a blood clot.

Piracetam occasionally used as prophylaxis right after someone suffers a stroke to help avoid more harm from blood clotting and to keep brain tissue as healthy as possible.

I am sure that you may realize to see that how having plenty of oxygen and circulation up there can help out. Not only it helps to keep your brainactive, but it also effects on specific reading disorders.

Piracetam Helps in Dyslexia:

Piracetam for Dyslexia?
Piracetam for Dyslexia?

The ECAP Journal published a report which showed thatchildren are having reading disordershad got great help from Piracetam. Almost 600 children who had diagnosed with dyslexiabecame part of seven different studies,and they showed shocking improvement in comprehending what they read, as well as in verbal ability.

I think it is pleasing that Piracetam can help young children.However, it wasprimarily designed to help aid in declining brain function.

So instead, let’s talk about some of its benefits which older people can get from it.

Piracetam Benefits for Older:

Those people who are affected by weakening mental ability have found that using Piracetam havea dramatic effect on day-to-day life. Because it is known to increase focus, concentration, boost memory, and ability to reason.I am damn sure that you can see how it gives benefits to so many users.

Older users like to take Piracetam because it helps out with short term memory, and also helps to slow the tide of their decreasing brain power.

Even Itis shown that Piracetam is helpful to mitigate few symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and improve psychological and neurological symptoms thatare relatedto dementia.

However, it’s not all raises with Piracetam.

While the benefits of this Nootropic aresubstantial, there are a few slight side effects which canbe experienced Piracetam Side Effects and Safety:

If we talk about the side effects of Piracetam, it reacts asnon-toxic on the human body even with a wide range of different doses. The reason is thatPiracetam is water soluble, thebody will get rid of any additional which is not needed by removing it out through the urinary system so that it would be pretty hard to overdose with Piracetam. Moreover, there has never been any informationonsevere orserious side effects, even withhuge

In 1990, an article published in the journal of Pharmacopsychiatry showed that the situations, where people take extreme quantities (more than 5 gram in a day), even in this situation dangerous side effects do not occur.

The reports said that Piracetam has a minor amount of toxicity than caffeine and salt tablets whenit measures on the LD50 standard. The LD50 scaleis used to consider as a lethal dose for over 50% of the population.

So we haveconcluded that Piracetamisa safe supplement. However, there are insufficient minor side effects that one can experience, I just wanted to give you an overview so now you know that what to expect.

Based on the experiences of theindividual, Piracetam is generally thought to be very well accepted by everyone. There areno unwanted side effects reported, and approximately less than 10% of people havegone through to any adverseimpact.

One of the most usual side effects of Piracetam is usually just a minor headache. The simple way to avoidheadaches is to usecholineOther reported side effects are mild nervousness, some drowsiness, feeling agitated, and anxiety. However, these side effectsare temporary, even if they happen at all.

Every day, there islong-term research which has been carried out on the use of Piracetam, and it has received someincredibly positive results.

For example, in 1993 a research article in theJournal of Neurology found that people who suffered from Alzheimer and received 8 grams of Piracetam per day for an entire year showed significant boosts in memory, and also greater defenses against more cognitive loss had observed. On top of that, there is no long-lasting damage oradverse effects was discovered because of Piracetam supplements.

Now, youare acknowledged that people withactive brains generally take less than the 8g of adose of Piracetam per day as used in the study.

There will be more about dosage, a little further down this page.

Well, sometimes Piracetam consumers may build uppatience,and it mayseem like it does not give off the boosted effects, and there are times when new users may not sense anyresults for the first oneor two weeks of using it. So it is important to remember that different body structure may need additionaltime Piracetam to build up a level to a stable dose in your brain.

Now that youknow the side effects, so I want to take a minute and want to discussa critical issue.

Sometimes the medications we take can haveterrible reactions ascompared to the other supplements and medications we may be taking.

So, let’s move to talk about some interactions.

Piracetam and Drug Interactions:

Before we go any further, I want you to know about afew drug interactions. All of these drug interaction have to do something with Piracetam’s effects on cerebrovascular blood flow–the blood flow that drives up to the brain.

Which is why I think it is always better to be safe and consult with the doctor instead of ending up with some severe issues if you select to mix supplements with prescription drugs.

Blood Thinning Medications:

Due to Piracetam’s anti-clotting effect, it may be dangerous to mix it with blood thinning drugs.

This mixture can cause a lot of blood loss in case of an accident, or an exaggeration of injuries and damage tissues. While it may not apply to everyone, but it isessential to be aware of this.


Another important thing you should know about Piracetam is that it may weaken your understanding of how intoxicated you are. It potentially results in case ofalcohol poisoning.

Mixing a large amount of dose along with a greater quantity of drinking will slow down the motor functions, and this could end up putting you in severe physical risk.

Moral of the story: Do not drink and take Piracetam.


Piracetam also intensifies the effect of prescribed drugs that have a stimulating impact, like Adderall.

Mixing amphetamines and Piracetam can cause high blood pressure levels andunprecedented heart rate and also theinabilityOn the other hand, Piracetam is safe to use together with many vitamin products, nutrientsourcesand also stacking it with nootropic supplement.

To help you create the top one, I have put together a list of some widespread Piracetam stacks down the post.

Beforethat, I want to remind you again that please consult your physician before using Piracetam or any other nootropic to make sure it is going to be helpful, and not harmful.

Also, I am repeating that you should not use it if you drink or use any narcotics.

All right, now that we have covered just about everything else, you may probably be wondering that how much you should take it.

Piracetam Dosage Advice:

Piracetam has a wide-ranging of useful dosage amounts.

At the low end, the dosage of 400 mg is the base of most suggested servings, while thedosage of 800 mg is the average that many users take at a time, with dosages being taken upthreeSome individuals who have never used Piracetam might need to increase the doseat the beginning of their course to experience all the effects of this nootropic.

You can do this by applyingone out of two ways.

First, you can use it with a “loading,” or “attack” dose. It is a repeated process with many health supplements that consists of beginning with two or three times dose than theusualdose to hype thelevels in the body then going back to much more standard dose after a short period. However, when testing out water-soluble, this approach is best used: easy-to-tolerate chemical compounds, like Piracetam.

Moreover, you have to make this sure that the exact amount of the attack dosage is still a non-toxic as well as safe dosage levels.

Thesecond way to use Piracetam, in the beginning, will allow the effects to build-up during a period of two to three weeks.

To do this,only

How much do you need for best results?

Based on the feedback of users, a regular dose of 4000 mg,usually gives the best results, and people tend to feel the effects within one to four hours after itgets ingested.

So, it is a good idea when you plan it to take in the most needed time of your day.

You can get Piracetam in both tablet and powder form. However,The most natural way to fix this problem is to mix it into a sweet fruit juice, it will eliminate the taste of powder and will make it hardly noticeable.

I love using fresh squeezed orange juice.

You can take Piracetam all at one time,or you can also split it up into doses during the day.

However, of course, it is your call that how you want to take it.

Now, if you know aboutNootropics, you may probablylook for some concrete stack ideas to get the most out of your Nootropics.

Options for Piracetam Stacking:

Stack building is a great approach to boost the effects of many Nootropic supplements.

By mixing the supporting factors of several nootropics, the whole effect is more evident than just single supplements taken by themselves. So because of its least mild side effects and toxicity, Piracetam may be combined with a variety of nootropic supplements with every kind of benefits.

Check out these three Piracetam stacks.

Piracetam & Choline Stack

It is the most widely used stack for Piracetam, and it is known as abeginner stack because it is effortless to put together.

Choline supplements have significant effects on memory, concentration, and logical reasoning. We cover those a lot in our Top 10 Modafinil Stacks Guide!

These two work together very well because Piracetam uses the choline stored in the brain and when they mix, you will get the balanced effect.

Racetam Family Stack:

Piracetam stacks work amazingly with other members of the Racetam family like Oxiracetam and Aniracetam.

This stack creates excellent focus and memory benefits that will help to keep you on target, no matter what you are doing.

Clarity and Energy Stack:

Piracetam stacked together with Caffeine, Vinpocetine, and Choline.

When you combine the Piracetam and Vinpocetine, then you will get thesubstantial advantages of anincreased super boost in clarity, as well as circulation in the brain.

The choline will provide the advantages of neuroplasticity, and the caffeine willgive the benefits of energy.

You can see that these are some simple stacks to put together if you are looking to boost the effects of your Piracetam.

Now, this is all good, but I always find it extremely helpful to check out what others have said about a Nootropic.

What DoPeople say about Piracetam?

Most users have incredible things to say about Piracetam, and it is generally thought to be easy-to-take and bearable supplement with slight to no downside.

Although getting the exact dosage for the desired effects can take some little time to figure out, and overdosesare so hardly reportedIt’s not any surprise that many people are using Piracetam on a regular basis. After looking at loads ofreviews, I observed that many reviews mentioned the same things.

Hereis some most common thing that users reported when using Piracetam.

Better Access to Memories:

Piracetam most common benefitsrelateto the memory.

People report having the ability to remember names, pictures, and a multitude of experiences within-depth detail.

There haveseemed to bemuch talk about thesudden recollection of lost childhood memories.

Eliminating Mental Fog:

Many users mentioned their experience of brain fog and a feeling ofremaining unclear before using Piracetam.

Mental lethargy gets lower by using Piracetam which makes it possible for much higher levels of productivity, not to mention much better communication with other people.

Vivid dreams:

While Piracetam does not provoke lucid dreaming conditionsto the same point as other Nootropics, using it later in a day does seem to bring about detail, sharp, and life-like dreams formany people.

A particular user compared Piracetam dreams tofeature in a thrilling movie.


Some users have talked about one of the effects about feeling quite tired once the dosage starts to fade. However, stacking Piracetam with a Choline supplement is known to end up that tired feelingaltogether.

Legality of Piracetam:

In the United States, (FDA)  the Food and Drug Administrationhas not permitted Piracetam as a drug for use in the treatment of medical conditions. The primary reason is the shortage of official studies and testing by the FDA, not because of a lack in the safety of this supplement.

There are some countries in the world where Piracetam has been approved to use for personal, and medical treatment anddoctors also prescribe it on a regular basis. However, Piracetam isentirelylegalin many countries, and it is not considered a controlled substance.

Therefore, it is legal to buy, consume, and possess Piracetam in some countries, including the United States (US), which also means that you canpurchase and ship Piracetam to U.S. address legally.

In the UnitedKingdom, there is a related policy for personal use of Piracetam. However, consumers needa prescription to purchase it.

Lastly, it can be legally purchased and used throughout Asia, Canada, theAmericas, and several countries in the European Union.

Where to Buy Piracetam?

I can bet that this is the burning question, right?“Where can I buy Piracetam online?”

It is Simple.

I recommend you to check reviews online, we will be selling them at some point soon, but until then check reviews for recommendations.

A Guide To Piracetam
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A Guide To Piracetam
Millions of people have now used piracetam around the world, and I have to tell you that it’s got admiring reviews. Memory, concentration, and many more benefits.
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