About Our Modafinil

Obtaining Modafinil can be difficult for the following reasons:

Difficulty in getting prescriptions for modafinil – In the UK and the USA and many countries, modafinil can be challenging to obtain, mainly due to doctors not being able to give a prescription for modafinil unless it is an FDA (or equally) approved reason such as Narcolepsy or Shift Work Disorder.

Problems with ordering genuine Modafinil from online sellers. Although there are good retailers of modafinil, I found many to have some following issues:


  • Poor reviews,
  • Poor support,
  • Expensive (both product and delivery)
  • Buyers concerns about Counterfeit Drugs.

I have been using modafinil regularly for over six years now and am proud to say it’s the only drug I take.  When first encountering modafinil at university I used to get a regular supply from one of my friends, then later sourcing it from online retailers. 

Modafinil is viewed by many as the closest thing to NZT or the Limitless Pill in the Real world!

Modafinil is viewed by many as the closest thing to NZT or the Limitless Pill in the Real world!


Why we started Dr. Modafinil.

Two years ago two friends and I got a batch which was unusual; it seemed to make no difference to us, we were sure they were duds.  After speaking to a friend who studied chemistry, he advised buying a reagent test kit.  When we tested the new suspect pills with an existing batch, we could see there was a fraction of the active ingredient.?

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That was bad but not as concerning as some of the headlines we were seeing about counterfeit modafinil containing PMMA which can be deadly. It was very cost effective to test for *Low Modafinil content and the more serious *PMMA / PMA content using a reagent test kit. Both these can be tested using cheap Reagent Test kits, and I highly recommend buying these if you are ever in doubt of any prescription or non-prescription drug!
We went to 11 suppliers, and thankfully no Modafinil or Armodafinil tested positive for PMAA. However, a few did seem to have a lower Modafinil/Armodafinil content than others and testing afterward these were noticeable to a slightly lesser degree.

It got me thinking, although not as critical as first imagined, can we produce our own, so we know what we are getting? And if so could we supply modafinil for others? Afterall it seems to be a running theme for many modafinil users.

After testing different many different batches from different producers and many lab tests later we were able to produce a product which we feel is equal if not superior to others, not just regarding quality but cost.

We are also taking the same approach for producing our Armodafinil – ARMOPURE which we hope to be released in spring/summer 2019!

If you have any questions about our Modafinil, please go to our Contact Us page!

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