Buy modafinil with Ethereum online

buy modafinil online with ETH / Ethereum

You can buy modafinil with Ethereum online at the Dr Modafinil store. Ethereum is based on Bitcoin’s block-chain technology but extends the application beyond money to the execution of “intelligent contracts”, agreements written in computer code. These contracts allow executing all kinds of apps on the Ethereum network. Ethereum was introduced in 2013 and started […]

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A Guide to Phenibut

phenibut dosage guide, phenibut is often taken with modafinil

Phenibut is a subsidiary of the inhibitory synapse GABA. It has been broadly used for medicinal purposes in Russia and former Soviet nations, while it is a non-medicine and unapproved (however legitimate) sedate in most different locales. We covered Phenibut on our Top 10 Modafinil Stacks article, but here were going to cover Phenibut and […]

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A Guide To Piracetam

Will Piracetam make my Brain Stronger? How does piracetam work? How does it help me?

The first nootropic ever created was way back in 60’s Piracetam, it is where nootropics were born. Piracetam is the OG of nootropics. Moreover, it was the beginning of what is now known as biohacking. Millions of people have now used piracetam around the world, and I have to tell you that it’s got admiring […]

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Modafinil Dosage Guide: 50-400+ mg Doses

Advantages to using modafinil

Modafinil is a performance enhancing cognitive medication or “Smart Drug”. Students and corporate workers use it regularly for help to tackle tougher projects by increasing workflow efficiency. When prescribing modafinil doctors provide comprehensive instructions on the dosages for their particular use. However, when ordering online people are sometimes left clueless about the best dose for […]

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Guide to Modafinil for Studying

Are You Looking to Modafinil to help Study?

Modafinil is rapidly getting to be a standout amongst the most common study drug on the planet. It contends with other surely understood powerhouses like Adderall and Concerta! Chris Andrews “Study Drug” is a free term and for the most part alludes to any medication or supplement that expands somebody’s capacity to study adequately. Modafinil […]

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Modafinil Gaming

WADA or World Anti Doping Agency

Modafinil Used in Professional Chess and eSports Events. Another common question we get is how does modafinil benefit you for gaming? I am going to answer this question in a few stages. Paul Turner – Dr Modafinil One thing for sure is that many people argue that Modafinil gives professional gamers an advantage. It’s common […]

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