Bacopa is a great complimentary suppliment to modafinil

Bacopa Monnieri, a Nootropic that Boosts Brain Function and Health.

Bacopa is a great complimentary suppliment to modafinil
Bacopa Plant

This is not a favourite amongst us at Dr Modafinil, because most of our team cycle our Modafinil use; whereas Bacopa supplements will take weeks to months to use.

Most of us prefer to stack with Ashwagandha and Choline as they take effect quicker and in my opinion work better in unison as a Modafinil/Nootropic stack.

Dr Modafinil Team

However, for that reason alone, it is not worth ruling out; you may have to use modafinil daily so it will not matter about a few weeks of waiting. You also may prefer the results you get from Bacopa, as it is an excellent supplement. We may consider selling this; however, for the time being, we will offer you recommendations later in this article.

At Dr Modafinil, we’re always exploring methods to assist people to function and feel great. Remarkable things that have these effects on us today can sometimes take a toll on us tomorrow. Infrequently this tradeoff is worth it, but the rest of the time we’re best served by behaviours that benefit us both acutely and chronically. 

As Chris has discussed on Dr Modafinil Facebook Group, nootropics like Bacopa Monnieri are compounds that increase cognitive capacity in the short-term while also maintaining your long-term brain health. Not only can supplements like this help us at work, but living smarter might additionally have downstream influences on health by encouraging us to make better decisions than before.
Bacopa Monnieri has continued to be used in Ayurveda for hundreds of years.
However, we in the West have been hesitant to latch on to its advantages, and in this post, I’ll describe why you should contemplate using this great supplement. We’ll concentrate on investigations in which Bacopa Monnieri has been worked in isolation.

nootropics like Bacopa Monnieri are compounds that increase cognitive capacity in the short-term while also maintaining your long-term brain health.

Chris Andrews – Dr Modafinil

The Advantages to taking Bacopa Monnieri

To get an insight into what most people can anticipate when they take Bacopa, investigators aggregated the conclusions of studies in which adults used Bacopa Monnieri or a placebo for at least twelve weeks. Nine studies were included, and the Bacopa Monnieri consistently decreased response times and the speed at which participants correlate objects in a path (in which they were requested to perform the task as promptly as possible).
In a different review, research teams deliberately selected well-thought-out studies on Bacopa to examine the importance of its impressions on two other cognitive enhancers – Modafinil and Panax ginseng. The results were impressive, although it was concluded that it takes prolonged use of Bacopa to see results, which is why the tests were carried out for three months and also why it is not for everyone.

How does Bacopa Improve Brain Function and Brain Health?

Bacopa Monnieri contains many chemicals that affect our biology. A group of triterpenoid saponins termed bacosides seem to hold many of the advantages of this herb. Triterpenoids are compounds comprising of three terpene arrangements. Saponins are compounds which foam up like soap when agitated. Just appreciate that it is relevant to choosing the soundest Bacopa supplements.

Communication Among Brain Cells.

Neurons interact with each other by transmitting chemical signals from one neuron across synapses, to the dendrites of a receiving neuron. Think of the transmitter as a mouth and the dendrites as an ear. Comparisons of rats have shown that prolonged Bacopa use arouses the branching of dendrites within the brain regions significant in engraining memories.


Normal metabolic reactions generate free radicals. These free radicals are molecules among unpaired electrons in their exterior shells that then strike double bonds in separate molecules to pinch an atom for themselves, starting a domino-effect of damaging effects.
We term this oxidative stress, and our cells generally cope with it well by way of antioxidant resistance. Nevertheless, unnecessary oxidative stress stimulates degeneration and hence contributes to disease and premature ageing. Comparisons of rodents have shown that Bacosides support levels of antioxidants within the brain, including superoxide, catalase, dismutase and glutathione which is the primary antioxidant in our cells.
Moreover, Bacopa-Monnieri comprises some other antioxidants also. As a consequence, neurons are shielded from things like toxic levels of minerals, fumes and cigarette smoke. 

Neuromodulation and Adjustment to Stress

Bacopa seems to influence levels of numerous neuromodulators – chemical signals that neurons discharge to indicate to groups of other neurons. Specifically, Bacopa is also said to activate choline acetyltransferase and restrain acetylcholinesterase. Both of these effects boost brain levels of acetylcholine, a substance with essential functions in things like concentration, memory and overall brain health.
Bacopa-Monnieri appears to enhance the synthesis of serotonin, while additionally improving the transportation of serotonin. Like all neuromodulators, serotonin has a variety of context-dependent effects on many methods, but it’s conceivably best recognised for its functions in mood control. Numerous anti-depressants develop the serotonin availability. Interestingly, a few anti-depressants further increase dopamine availability in synapses. Dopamine is a neuromodulator proclaimed for its impacts on the regulation of motivation. Similar to serotonin, levels of dopamine lead to a decline with age, and Bacopa may compensate for this by keeping dopaminergic neurons active.
Although not initially thought of as one, specific influences on neuromodulation reveal that Bacopa is an adaptogen. While the name suggests, adaptogens magnify how we adjust to stressors by enhancing immunity to these complications. Also, studies on humans that were discussed earlier is a further example of the adaptogenic action, for after taking Bacopa-Monnieri participants had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol during set cognitive tasks 4.

Our Recommendations:

Bacopa monnieri Extract 700mg made by Vitamin Way this can be found on Amazon UK
Bacopa 700mg by Vitamin Way can be bought on Amazon UK

For people in the UK, I would suggest the Bacopa monnieri Extract 700mg made by Vitamin Way this can be found on Amazon UK

For people in the USA, I would go for Bacopa Monnieri Capsules by Double Wood Supplements.  

The Best Way to Take Bacopa

I recommend beginning by using the following:
300 mg of Bacopa containing 55% bacosides by weight. We find a 300 – 500mg capsule taken daily will suffice even with regular usage of Modafinil or Armodafinil. If it makes you feel too relaxed, consume it at the later in the day; although you won’t notice much, to begin with as its results compound over time!

To Summarise:

Due to the following benefits to name a few we recommend it as a fabulous stack to have with Modafinil. However, my personal opinion is to try Ashwagandha first.

Bacopa-Monnieri reduces anxiety while improving memory and other areas of cognition.

Bacopa Monnieri seems to benefit brain health by guarding against oxidative stress and advancing communication linking neurons.

Helps adapt to stress, offsetting any β-amyloid accumulation and enhancing brain blood flow.

Stacking Bacopa Monnieri With Modafinil
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Stacking Bacopa Monnieri With Modafinil
Bacopa Monnieri is not the best Nootropic Stack for me but that doesn't rule it our for others. Bacopa will take a while to take action, but when it does it works wonders and many people swear by it!
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