Beginners Guide to Mixing Caffeine and Modafinil

Coffee can work well with Modafinil if used properly
Coffee can work well with Modafinil if used properly

Caffeine fuels the productivity of the world. Each day, there is over one Billion cups of coffee consumption around the world, and it makes coffee the second most traded commodity in the world. The first traded commodity is Oil, and coffee is second to the oil.

Oil is the fuel for industry, whereas coffee is the fuel for human productivity.

Today, Modafinil has come into existence, and it is a much innovative compound as compared to caffeine. If coffee is Nighty-one octane gasoline, modafinil is the fuel of jet, but they are mostly similar in effects

Can Modafinil and Caffeine be mixed? How can I ensure that I am doing it safely?

We briefly covered Modafinil and Caffeine in our Top 10 Modafinil Stacks Guide, but this is a more in depth article.

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil and Caffeine have similar concerning effects, but Modafinil is much stronger. It works as a stimulant and a Eugeroic (something which promotes alertness).

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People take modafinil for a different purpose, Some have it to boost overall productivity at school or work, and some consider it to fight with fatigue. Modafinil increase dopamine level in the brain which helps to improve focus and concentration.

Students, creative, and business executives use it to get through tough or tiresome projects and extend available working hours by sleep delay.

 Modafinil vs Caffeine

While there are many similarities between caffeine and modafinil, at the same time there are also many differences between these two.

The brain works through a complex series of electrical impulses and chemical reactions. They interact to drive everything from memory to imagination & homeostasis (internal climate control).

The intricate part is that there are many different enzyme reactions, neurotransmitters, and several other factors which can be used to change the functions of the brain.

The brain and nervous system have two different halves; the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and the sympathetic nervous system (SNS).

Nervous System has two Competing Sides:

A) The SNS: Stimulation

An SNS is responsible for stimulating the mind and the body. It is used to make us feel alert during the day and enhance our physical ability to get through stressful or challenging situations.

B) The PNS: Relaxation

The PNS is used to end the effects of the SNS. It put the body in a state of relaxation and makes us feel sleepy at night. It also helps to return to a normal state after experiencing stress. The PNS also works to improve body functions like immune function and digestion.

Both Modafinil and Caffeine Work through SNS:

Both Modafinil and caffeine are stimulants because most of their effects produce on the neurotransmitters that are involved with the SNS.

Increase the SNS, increases the activation parts of the brain which make us feel alert. It also causes a change in nerve transmission rates. If the nerve signals work fast, it will lead to quicker reaction times. Moreover, we can make calculations per second, and improve the capacity of decision making.

Caffeine and Modafinil are different from each other in stimulating the SNS:

Caffeine “Inhibits” Sleepiness

The molecule of caffeine works by blocking the effects of a compound called “Adenosine.”

Adenosine produces naturally throughout the day, and it is a byproduct of healthy nerve function. When the levels of adenosine rise, it starts to slow down the nerve cells and adds a delay to make them fire slow. It is designed to make us feel tired and sleepy at the end of the day. Caffeine works by occupying the receptor that accepts the adenosine molecules, therefore stopping effects of adenosine.

Caffeine Increases the Response Stress:

Caffeine is also responsible for activating and binding our adrenaline receptors. It enables SNS and causes the response process of stress. On these receptors, the strength of caffeine is quite low as compared to cortisol (built-in stress modulating hormone), but it is enough to produce visible results.

It is a reason why we feel anxious and jittery when we drink too much coffee. Physiologically speaking, what we are experiencing is a “stressful situation.”

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Modafinil Reduces the Cycle of Sleep-Wake:

The biological clock is present in our body, which is standardised by exposure to routine and daylight. It involves a balance of hormones and neurotransmitters (mainly melatonin and cortisol) that make us feel sleepy in the night and wakeful in the morning.

Moreover, Modafinil dominates this system to make us feel awake. Orexin is a compound which stimulated by Modafinil to carry out the sensation of alertness triggered by the SNS.

Modafinil augments Dopamine:

The chief neurotransmitter in the brain is Dopamine. It is used to concentration, the reward centre, hormone production, sexual function punishment, and regulate mood.

In its ability to increase dopamine levels, Modafinil has the additional benefit over caffeine, which makes it a better wakefulness medication with the aim of augmenting productivity at school or work.

Do Caffeine & Modafinil Mix?

There are some cautions to mix Modafinil and Caffeine.

Additive effects:

When you mix two same classes of drugs, then the risk chances of side effect increases because maybe the results can be addictive. Meaning, they build on each other to improve the overall impact.

Different Mechanisms but Same Effects:

It is also advantageous to mix Caffeine and Modafinil because they produce the same effects, their mechanism is different from each other. It allows the mixture to have a broader benefit on wakefulness and alertness than a single compound.

Those people who are tired because of adenosine, cannot find a similar level of improvement with modafinil as they will see with caffeine.

In contrast, those people who got tired due to their sleep-wake cycle are not going to find as many improvements using only caffeine as they will see with using modafinil.

It is a reason why many people choose to mix modafinil and caffeine.

How to Mix Modafinil with Caffeine?

There are two ways to mix caffeine with modafinil:

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1. Mixing Tea or Coffee with Modafinil

A) Coffee:

Coffee is the most popular way to combine caffeine with modafinil. It is the most common form of a compound and a secure source for this mixture.

A standard cup of coffee contains 100 mg of caffeine. It takes about Six hours for caffeine to pass through the body. A maximum of 200 mg caffeine every six hours is a recommended consumption, or 100 mg every three hours. It means that one coffee every three hours.

B) Black, Oolong, or Green Tea:

Another way of getting caffeine is by “TEA,” but it comes with some downfalls.

Tea has plenty of caffeine. However, the solubility of caffeine in water is low. Meaning, you will have to steep the leaves for an extended period and also have to use boil water to get the correct amount of caffeine in your cup.

In contrast to coffee, hot temperatures can dramatically change tea flavour. The undesired and bitter principles of the tea plant are extracted into the brew when there are high temperature and longer extraction time.

It means that you need to brew it over to get enough amount of caffeine in your cup, which may taste not good.

If you are using tea as a source of caffeine, then make sure that the brew steep for over five minutes. A 250mL cup of tea contains over 27 mg of caffeine, so if you aim for the 200mg dose every six hours, you can have a maximum of one cup of tea each hour.

C) Yerba Maté:

It is a South American herbal tea, and it is an excellent option to drink caffeine. Yerba Maté is an enormous tree with leaves high in caffeine and other related alkaloids. Yerba maté teacup of 250 ml contains about 30 mg of caffeine.

The best thing about this herbal drink is that it contains fewer side effects than other herbs which contain caffeine. It is mostly due to the presence of a similar alkaloid known as Theobromine. It is the same compound which stimulates chocolate.

Regarding its stimulating benefits, Theobromine has similar effects to caffeine, but it offers some extraordinary results that deny most of the undesired side effects of caffeine. Moreover, it helps to prevent spikes in blood pressure, jitteriness and lowers anxiety.

2. Taking Caffeine Powder or Pills with Modafinil:

Another great way of mixing caffeine with Modafinil is Caffeine pills. Powders or Pills allow you to make precise doses of your caffeine. It enables you to curtail the chances of emerging side effects. Caffeine pills come with different types of measures, for example, 15, 50, 100, and 200 mg.

When mixing caffeine pills with Modafinil, we recommend you to aim for about 100 mg every 3-6 hours.

Remember These Three Things Whenever Mixing Modafinil with Caffeine!

Whether you are mixing Modafinil with tea, caffeine pills, or coffee, there are some important things to remember.

1. Get the Right Timing:

Even though you can take caffeine at any point of a day. However, when mixing it with modafinil, if you correctly time it, then you can get additional from the combination.

As mentioned earlier that when adenosine starts to build up in the brain, then caffeine works best. It works as a normal nerve function byproduct. Therefore, Caffeine gives many benefits when adenosine builds up in mind.

Modafinil is viewed by many as the closest thing to NZT or the Limitless Pill in the Real world!
Modafinil is viewed by many as the closest thing to NZT or the Limitless Pill in the Real world!

People who mix modafinil and caffeine can take their modafinil early in the morning along with a low dose caffeine pill up to 100 mg, or with coffee. Later, another dose in the afternoon when adenosine starts to build-up.

2. Dial It In:

Every person is different from another person. Therefore, the effect of any particular combination of the drug will react to each person differently.

So here we offer you the guidelines to get started with mixing and dosing. It should always depend on how that drug mixture will mainly affect your body.

If you start with the combination of 200 mg Modafinil and 100mg caffeine and then you find it too much stimulating then next time take a smaller dose and also increase the gap on the other take. Perhaps try 200 mg modafinil with 50mg of caffeine, instead.

Remember that the goal is not to be as awake as possible, but the goal is to make you more productive and fight off fatigue so that you can get done with more work.

3. Know How To Manage Anxiety:

Reduces stress, anxiety and depression.
Anxiety can be a side effect of Modafinil

The most common side effect of this combination is “Anxiety.” Because it is one of the main side effects of both of these drugs. However, the chances of emerging anxiety are reduceable. When taking Modafinil, it may still develop from time to time, and especially when other stimulants mix with modafinil.

It is useful to know how to manage or prevent it from arising in the first place.

An overactive nervous system (specifically SNS) is a direct representation of Anxiety. Therefore, to address the issue in the best way, increase the PNS, which is the opposing side of the nervous system.

We do not have conscious control over PNS, but it includes most of our body functions which include: our heart rate, respiratory rate, digestive function, and immune function. The only system we have control over is the respiration rate out of all of these systems. It is both involuntary and voluntary.

If you do not concentrate on your breathing, you do it automatically, but if you think about it, you can also control your precise respiration rate. The best way to take manual control of the PNS is by controlling our breath rate. For this, you merely have to take rhythmic and slow breaths. One breathe of about six or seven seconds. This simple process is shown to be the critical factor in practices like meditation that put us into a state of clear focus and calm.

“Heart rate variability” is a whole field of study. It involves measuring the activity of the PNS to measuring the changes in heart rate. It is the most simple and effective way of managing anxiety on Caffeine and Modafinil.

Although not one of the most common questions, I feel it has to be one of the most serious.

Further, learn about Modafinil side effects management.

Is Mixing Caffeine & Modafinil Safe?

Combining modafinil and caffeine is standard practice. The biggest issue is the side effects, which comes with the combination of both compounds. It may also affect the liver on slowing down its ability to detox effectively.

There is a Risk of increasing Side Effects:

Since Caffeine and Modafinil both directly offer a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, so it is easy to cause hyperstimulation. The side effects of this are heart palpitations, muscle tremors, insomnia, jitteriness, and anxiety.

If you are already suffering from any of these side effects daily, then the combination is not for you.

It Can Cause Detoxification/Metabolism Problems:

All drugs should be detoxed (metabolised) by the liver before it passes from the body to the intestinal tract or through the urine.

Caffeine and Modafinil share the same pathways of metabolism (CYP3A4). For most people, it is not an issue because the body usually increases and adapt the filtering capacity of the liver. However, sometimes the body is not able to augment its metabolising power, which waits to cause a buildup of chemicals to go through the process.

It would cause modafinil and caffeine to remain in the bloodstream for an extended period. As long as you are not combining these two compounds daily, then this would not be much of a problem. On the contrary, if you are taking caffeine and modafinil daily, then it will begin concentrations to rise over time to unsafe the levels.

If you want to avoid this, then we recommend you to take one day off each week at least from both substances. It will allow any of the lingering compounds in the bloodstream to eliminate safely.

When to Avoid Mixing Modafinil & Caffeine?

If you are suffering from any cardiovascular disease, or other conditions like Hashimoto’s, Graves, or Addison’s disease, then we recommend you to avoid caffeine, and modafinil completely.

Any failures in drug metabolism (liver problems), excretion (gallbladder /kidney and liver issues), or central nervous system issues (like Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, or anxiety) can be problematic when using modafinil and caffeine.

Another nootropic like L-Theanine, vinpocetine, or alpha-GPC may be a better option for this kind of individuals.

Where to Buy Modafinil?

You can buy Our Modpure Modafinil at your local pharmacy with a valid doctor’s prescription. You can also purchase online without any prescription which is quite easy.

Buying generic versions of Modafinil online is the best way, which can save you thousands of dollars per year. Generic pills contain the same dosages and active ingredients, but cost far less than the expensive brand-name versions like Nuvigil® and Provigil®.

Beginners Guide to Mixing Caffeine and Modafinil
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Beginners Guide to Mixing Caffeine and Modafinil
Modafinil and Caffeine have similar concerning effects, but Modafinil is much stronger. It works as a stimulant and a Eugeroic something which promotes alertness
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