buy modafinil with Binance Coin or BRB

Buy Modafinil with Binance Coin (BRB)

Another CryptoCurrency we are pleased to be accepting is Binance Coin or BRB as it is often referred to by its ticker symbol. There are many reasons why I like BRB the main ones are its adoption, relative stability on price and the respect I have for the Binance team.

Binance has remained remarkably resilient at all times when they have been faced with a lot of problems; most people would have thrown in the towel. However, the Binance team have been able to be professional and stick to solving the issues faced, even if it means moving the other side of the world, they have managed to do it.

The popularity of Binance coin and how fluid it is due to their platform being so large means it would be silly of us not to accept BRB at Dr Modafinil.

How can I buy Modafinil with BRB?

At our shop, when you are happy with the order and wish to check out, select the Pay WIth Cryptocurrency option and scroll down and select BRB from the options.

Then you will be met with a unique address to send to, or you can scan with the QR code.

Once this is done your payment will go through, and we will have the order sent out the same day.

I have more in-depth information about Binance coin which will hopefully be of use to you if you are not too familiar with BRB, what it is and why it was started etc.

If you ha have any unanswered question, please feel free to get in touch with us!

1 – Binance Currency (BNB): The Basics

buy modafinil with Binance Coin
Should you look into Binance Coin BRB?

If you are a professional cryptocurrency investor, even a beginner in the cryptographic world, chances are you have found the name Binance, and for a good reason, since it is the largest exchange of cryptocurrencies per trading quantity. The name “Binance” is the blending of the words Binary and Finance. If you’ve ever used the platform before, you may be aware that it has its cryptocurrency called the Binance Currency.

What is the currency of Binance?
The Binance currency is a digital currency issued by the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. The crypto-currency is expressed by the ticker BNB. It is based on the Ethereum platform and, similar to Ether, the BNB tab also feeds all the operations on
Users use the Binance currency to pay the fees that Binance charges for the use of the services. These rates include, but are not limited to, negotiation fees, exchange rates and listing fees. Also, like any other cryptocurrency, the BNB can also be traded on supported cryptocurrency exchanges.
Development of the binance currency
Binance was established in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao with CTO and co-founder Roger Wang.

Changpeng, aka CZ in the crypto community, previously founded BijieTech, a cloud-based exchange provider for exchange operators. Also, Changpeng was also co-founder and CTO of OKCoin.
Binance initially had its headquarters in Shanghai, China, but after a refusal from the Chinese authority, it moved its office, and it’s servers to Japan. In March of 2018, Binance received an official warning from the Japan Financial Services Authority to close its operations in the country. It is reported that the cryptocurrency exchange is planning to take its services to Malta.

Binance had coined a total of 200 million BNB tokens for its use. The company maintained its initial offer of currencies (ICO) July 2017. The BNB tokens were divided into the following percentages:

  • 100 Million or 50% of BNB tokens were reserved for the ICO.
  • 80 Million or 40% of the BNB tokens were assigned to the founding team.
  • And 20 million 10% of the BNB tokens were reserved for investors.

2 – What are the benefits of the Binance currency?

Technology and characteristics of Binance
Binance exchange

Binance Exchange

As of August 2018, Binance Coin exists in the blockchain Ethereum. In March 2018, the company announced that Binance would move to its blockchain, which is under development. With its blockchain, Binance will be upgraded to a decentralised exchange, which means that the BNB token based on ERC-20 will also move to the new blockchain.

Matching orders: First, it is essential to understand that cryptocurrency exchanges only function as facilitators of consumer purchase or sale orders, do not directly buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Users rely on exchanges to match their purchase orders for a cryptocurrency with the orders of other users who sell the same cryptocurrency. It becomes of the utmost importance for exchanges to process as many commercial pairs as possible. Binance has a robust matching engine which is capable of handling more than a million orders a second; making Binance one of the fastest if not The Fastest exchange on the market.

Liquidity: An exchange of cryptocurrencies cannot be successful without sufficient liquidity. As of August 2018, Binance trades with about 380 cryptocurrencies, so it has the busiest order book in the cryptography business. The exchange is populated by crypto-currencies with profoundly competitive prices, which helps the exchange process orders very quickly.

Multilingual help: Binance is a multilingual platform and is available in many languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Korean, Dutch, Vietnamese, Portuguese and more. This allows people from all over the world to easily trade and participate.

Advanced binance exchange method.


Binance is available on multiple platforms to provide users with accessible entrance to the exchange. It is prepared in two modes: a basic mode and an advanced mode for a more in-depth analysis of cryptocurrencies. Binance is available in the following platforms:

  • Web-based commerce client
  • A native Android client
  • HTML5 client on mobile devices.
  • Native Windows client
  • REST API 3 – How to buy and store Binance’s currency?

How to buy Binance Coin / BNB Token?

BNB cannot be obtained through the mining of BNB since all the coins were pre-mined by Binance at the beginning. Users who wish to own BNB can acquire it by exchanging in an exchange of cryptocurrencies.

As Binance itself is an exchange of cryptocurrencies, it allows the transfer of BNB through pairing with more than 70 cryptocurrencies. In addition to the local currency, Binance’s coin can be traded in the Bancor Network,, IDEX, Trade Satoshi, etc.

The ideal way to negotiate any cryptocurrency is to compare its rates in all available exchanges. This allows users to trade with the best possible prices. One of those platforms is CoinSwitch.

CoinSwitch is the largest platform for cryptocurrency exchange aggregators, which allows you to trade more than 350 cryptocurrencies with more than 45,000 possible pairs. Add the live price charts of all exchanges so that users can compare the cryptocurrency and trade rates in all available transactions. Also, users can track the past and present performance of cryptocurrencies by using tables and updated performance analysis provided on the website.

BNB Token Storage

buy modafinil with Binance Coin
Binance has many Wallet Options

Binance trust wallet

Like other cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance also provides a wallet that can be used to store BNB or any other cryptocurrency that is traded in the Binance market. In July 2018; Binance procured Trust Wallet, a mobile wallet for tokens based on Ethereum.

Trust Wallet is now marketed as the official Binance wallet. In addition to the official portfolio, the BNB can be stored in a wallet compatible with Ethereum. Some popular options are:

  • MyEtherWallet
  • Metamasco
  • Fog
  • Nano ledger
  • Trezor

4 – What is the future of Binance’s currency?

As of Today, Binance Coin has a market capitalisation of more than $ 2,730,148,070. This makes it the 7th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation in the global cryptocurrency market.
The leadership has planned to use twenty percent of its profits every quarter to repurchase BNB tokens and burn them. The burning of the tokens will stay until there are only 100 million tokens left.

On July 25, 2017, BNB began operating in the cryptocurrency market for the price of $ 0.115203. Initially, for some months, the cryptocurrency showed slow growth, which increased exponentially since mid-December 2017.
Compared to 2017, the price of the Binance cryptocurrency has been more volatile in 2018. The price skyrocketed in January 2018, when BNB’s price hit a record high of $ 24.91, followed by an immediate drop. As of today, the price has a trend of around $ 19.

5 – How is Binance Coin distinctive from other cryptocurrencies?

Unlike Bitcoin. The Binance Coin functionality is not limited to peer-to-peer payments. It is an integral part of the Binance ecosystem. The BNB token is primarily a means to raise revenue for the platform.
The BNB token has some unique benefits for use on the platform. By using BNB, users may be entitled to additional discount rates that otherwise do not apply to any other cryptocurrency.
In addition to an exchange of cryptocurrencies, Binance also has a Binance Labs platform to invest and incubate blockchain projects. As mentioned in the Binance website: “Binance Labs is a social impact fund and an initiative to incubate, invest and empower entrepreneurs, projects and communities of blockchain and cryptocurrency.”

6 – Should you invest in BNB / Binance Coin?

Binance is one of those projects that surprised the cryptocurrency community by achieving exponential growth in a short time. Within a year, Binance has become the largest cryptocurrency exchange per trading volume. Due to its success rate, BNB has got excellent performance from users and investors. Binance is backed by a strong and dedicated team.

The leadership and development team is made up of people with the relevant skills and experience necessary to drive the project towards success. The team has been able to improve the platform, and from I can see and many of the pundits whose opinion I value, I can only agree, which is why we are happy to let you buy Modafinil with BNB or Binance Coin!


Although not my personal favorite, Binance Coin / BRB is a great coin or token to use, it is easy to exchange into other assets due to it working

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