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Ever since the end of 2016, when Bitcoin passed the $1000 mark, cryptocurrency investment has gone crazy.

At the end of 2016, the cumulative crypto-currency market stood at 17 billion USD. Now at the time of writing this, it’s at a whopping USD 173 billion. This a tremendous growth of upwards of 1000%!

Is it a bubble set to burst? Or is this the future of things to come?

I believe it’s real. With governments all over the world trying to print their way out of trouble, it makes sense to me that blockchain fundamentally will solve the horrible problems of fraud and corruption. When people get to understand this more the value can only go up.

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We like Dash Coin

How do I get a discount when buying Modafinil with Dash?

We automatically apply the discount to your order when you select Dash or any other cryptocurrency; although I prefer Monero over Dash, we see the appeal of Dash, love what it stands for and welcome the payment of Dash to buy our Modafinil.

You will then be taken to the Dash Payments Checkout page where you can just:

  • Select Dash in the Cryptocurrency payments option.
  • Scan the Dash QR Code or
  • Copy and paste the amount and Dash payment address from the checkout or
  • Manually type the address and amount if you have a fantastic memory 😉

The Discount should be displayed on at least the receipts and checkout confirmation, but you will notice the discount on the posted price! If you do have any questions about this, please get in contact with us.

Are exchanges or refunds possible if I pay with Dash?

In most cases due to the private nature of Dash; we would not attempt any exchanges or refunds for modafinil paid with Dash; however, if you are registered, regardless of the name or email you register with; if it can be established, that you are out of pocket, and that has been caused at our end, we will be more than happy to offer a refund or exchange that has been paid for with Dash coin. In other words, it would be no different if you paid with cash, credit card or in seashells. 🙂

Are there any extra charges for spending with Dash?

No, there are no additional fees; if anything we pass on the savings to your purchase in the way of discount for paying with Dash.

If You Do Have ANY questions or suggestions relating to this or any other article, please, please get in touch with us at our Contact Us Page, and we will be more than happy to help you!

Why Dash? What is Dash Coin?

Monero, Dash Privx buy modafinil with
I prefer Monero but all three have appealing factors especially Dash

Just as the Internet has decentralised content and information, the same applies to money.

Bitcoin’s blockchain technology is making money decentralised.

However, since Bitcoin is only the first application of digital currency, it will have some fundamental flaws.

One of those failures that Bitcoin does not solve is that of private and anonymous transactions.

This inconvenience of Bitcoin has given rise to a new generation of anonymous Crypto-currencies. Dash is one of the biggest contenders in this new race.

Dash, is one of the most promising alternative currencies for Bitcoin. This article is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about Dash.

What is Dash?

Dash is different from other cryptocurrency projects such as Ethereum or Stratis, which are more of a development platform.

Dash defends himself as decentralised electronic money as an equal. It is intended to be as liquid as the actual cash we use in our respective countries such as USD / GBP / EUR / INR or CNY.

Dash is based on the central Bitcoin code with the addition of new features (such as privacy and fast transactions).

Also, judging by the attitude of the development community, Dash will only remain as digital money for the Internet, which is good.

When and why was Dash created?

Dash was created three years ago on January 18, 2014, by Evan Duffield.

It was initially released as XCoin (XCO), Dash. February 2014, the name was switched to Darkcoin. And on March 2015, Darkcoin was renamed “Dash”.

Evan Duffield came across Bitcoin back in 2010 and was very impressed by its technology. However, he soon realised that Bitcoin was not private and fast enough.

I had many ideas on how to make Bitcoin anonymous, but I knew that the Bitcoin kernel developers would not allow it since the kernel code would have to be changed for this.

So to change this main drawback of Bitcoin, Evan decided to use the Bitcoin central code and build his cryptocurrency. This is what we understand today as Dash.

The Dash Team

Accept collage composed of Dash currency icons in variable sizes. Abstract vector thumb finger up concept. Dash currency icons are combined into satisfaction figure.

Dash has an excellent team, beautiful documentation and makes it easy for developers to integrate into their apps and websites, including ourselves, we have found it a breeze to work with and appreciate the speed of payments.

Dash Supply

Dash has been devised to have a total amount of 18 million coins.

At present, the current supply of Dash is 8.7 million and will touch 18, 000, 000 in 2300. Dash has a variable block reward that decreases at a rate of 7.1% each year. The average time of extraction of blocks is 2.5 minutes in the chain of Dash blocks, which makes it four times faster than Bitcoin.

Dash Market Cap

At the time of writing this article, the total available circulating supply of Dash (DASH) is approximately 8.7 million, and the price of each DASH unit is $ 119.66.

Therefore, the market capitalisation of Dash is USD 1,047,403,651. In June 2017, Dash was the seventh (6th) most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalisation; it is currently the 13th most expensive and it’s market capitalisation has reduced a lot. This does not deter me from Dash; it’s just a place behind Monero. However, it has a higher trading volume than Monero, so Dash should not be taken lightly.

How to buy Dash?

Buy Changelly Dash

One of the simplest ways to get Dash (DASH) is to exchange it on Changelly.

Changelly has a prompt exchange where you can exchange several crypto-currencies.

You will need the following requirements:

  • Your Dash address where you receive your Dash.
  • Some BTC / LTC or any other compatible encryption to exchange for Dash.

Head to the CoinSutra – Changelly Cryptocurrency Exchange and follow the steps in this guide.

Binance, Bittrex,, Bitfinex, KuCoin are all exchanges where you can exchange Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for Dash coin.

A tip: do not keep your coins in crypto0exchanges for a prolonged period. A few days is fine, but longer than that is a harmful and risky practice.

Dash Wallets

The list of compatible portfolios is regularly updated at there are those that work with iOS, Windows, Linux and Android.

Portfolio with all official functions of Dash Core and P2P client, including administration functions InstantSend, PrivateSend, Governance and Master node

  • Trezor
  • Keep-Key
  • Dash Paper Wallet

You can also make a paper wallet. The paper wallets contain both the private key and the Dash public key. It is the cheapest way of cold storage. See this guide on how to make a Dash paper wallet.

Dash technology

Dash has some features that make it unique:

Special delivery:

Dash allows you to send your funds privately by mixing them among other transactions, which makes it challenging to identify any specific transaction. Use a coin-mixing service based on CoinJoin. This is an optional privacy feature that the user may want to use. But there is a limited limit of 1000 Dash for which you can send using this feature.

Instant sending:

This setting allows you to submit your Dash deals instantly (within 1.5 seconds). But Masternodes charges higher fees for the processing of such transactions. InstantSend also solves the problem of double spending. Note: InstantX changed its name to InstantSend in 2016.

Master nodes: Unlike Bitcoin, where each note is the same, Dash has individual privilege nodes called Masternodes. Anyone can form Masternodes maintaining 1000 Dash as a guarantee. These different nodes perform the PrivateSend and InstantSend functions and get a block reward of 45%.

$ 1,047,403,651 USD
205,737 BTC

Volume (24h)
$ 280,212,772 USD
55,041 BTC

Circulation supply
8,753,288 DASH

Max Supply
18,900,000 DASH

Dash will not go anywhere soon. Although it has competitors, such as Monero and PIVX, Dash is more flexible and ready to use and has a robust infrastructure. All this distinguishes Dash from the crowd and makes it a promising coin deserving of the investment.


These resources will help you stay refreshed about Dash’s latest news:

  • Dash Reddit
  • Dash Blog
  • Dash Forum
  • Dash YouTube Channel
  • Dash Foundation

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