buy modafinil online with ETH / Ethereum

Buy modafinil with Ethereum online

You can buy modafinil with Ethereum online at the Dr Modafinil store. Ethereum is based on Bitcoin’s block-chain technology but extends the application beyond money to the execution of “intelligent contracts”, agreements written in computer code. These contracts allow executing all kinds of apps on the Ethereum network. Ethereum was introduced in 2013 and started in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin.

Ethereum is flexible due to its whole nature of Turing, that is. It carries much of the functionality of regular programming languages. It can be used for crowdfunding (“ICOs”), voting, DNS, government, contracts, exchange of cryptocurrencies, etc. Ether is growing in popularity in the area of ​​cryptographic currency, and we are pleased to offer Ethereum payments for their modafinil purchases. With ethereum, you can purchase modafinil online and lots of other types of products from different companies all over the world. Ethereum is a world currency, so it does not matter if you are in the USA. United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, you will get your approved transaction.

Etherium Explained (ETH)

The currency which is used to access the Ethereum network is known as Ether (ETH). To use the Ethereum applications, ETH is necessary. As with Bitcoin, the ether can be extracted or exchanged for money, goods or regular services. “Ethereum” is used to refer to the protocol or general platform, including its network and code, while “ether” is the currency of that platform, simple enough!

ETH statistics

Eth was initially issued as part of a crowd-sale or ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Offerings to the project in 2014 were repaid with pre-sales ethers at a price of less than one US dollar per ETH. The massive sale achieved the following: 60 million ETH were created and awarded to pre-sale buyers. ETH 12 million was extracted from this total and retained in a so-called development fund, which will be divided among the team members of the company and the Ethereum Foundation.

Uses of the ether

The creator of Ethereum does not intend that Ether be used primarily as a currency, but as fuel to boost the Ethereum platform. However, many traders and investors have adopted ETH tokens as a type of monetary means and ETH has hugely appreciated as a consequence. Aforementioned creates a degree of tension between those users who want ETH to run applications and those who desire ETH for investment and speculation purposes.

Ethereum is more complicated when compared to Bitcoin. It is more difficult for an average person to understand and use Ethereum and there are fewer learning resources available for beginners. However, if one is willing to challenge the learning curve, several Ethereum portfolios are freely available at the Myereum GitHub, MyEtherWallet or EthereumWallet. The latter is recommended for its user-friendly interface.

Monero, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Stellar, Dash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple are also acceptable for your modafinil orders. We are interested in and accept ALL these currencies.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Ethereum (ETH)

When about $ 60 million of ether was “pirated” by the project’s Slock.It (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), a smart contract that controlled a variety of corporate financing projects, Vitalik Buterin faced a difficult choice. Either he had to respect Ethereum’s description of smart-contracts, so that “the code is the law”, or divide the network as a way to restore everyone’s investment. As the “hacker” only exploited the existing DAO code, some argued that his actions were within the terms of the contract and, therefore, he was entitled to the ETH.

However, Vitalik eventually decided to reverse all transactions and return the ETH to its original owners. In doing so, Vitalik divided the chain of Ethereum blocks between ETH (with the ethers returned), ETC (with the hacker still in ownership of tokens).

At the point of change, ETC and ETH were technically identical. Those who owned ETH in the original Ethereum chain were ascribed with an equal balance in the Ethereum Classic network. ETC continues to this day, although it has a lower price, fewer mining rigs and is not as widely supported as Ethereum.

How to buy modafinil with Ethereum using cash, credit card or bank transfer.

First, you must only place an order with modafinil with us and choose the Ethereum payment option on the billing page. After buying modafinil with ethereum and completing your order, you will receive instructions by email with our ethereum portfolio identifier where to send the money.

Obtaining ether through Coinbase

Coinbase is the largest bitcoin exchange in America and also offers Ethereum tokens for sale. They operate in many countries and allow several financing methods to make your purchase of ether as simple as possible:

1) Create an account in Coinbase
2) Choose your desired financing method, such as linking your bank account or paying by credit card
3) Find the “buy/sell option” on the site for ether and choose the desired amount, keep in mind that fractional units can be purchased
4) Click on the “Buy Ethereum” button.
The process is very similar to ethers. You may also find this Coinbase revision useful when deciding between ETH exchanges.

Coinbase rates are reasonable; approximately 1.5% for a bank transfer or 4% for a purchase with a credit card.

Eter via

It is a long-standing Bitcoin exchange that mainly supplies the European market. They also accept credit card payments and bank transfers. It seems almost like buying modafinil online with cash, credit cards, bank transfer but using intermediaries. has the advantage of serving more countries than Coinbase. Please note that the rates in are included in the purchase price. The process of buying ETH in is straightforward:

1) Create an account in
2) Select the desired payment method, such as bank transfer or credit card payment
3) Navigate to “Buy / Sell” and choose Ethereum
4) Enter the desired ETH number you can pay, keep in mind that fractional units can be purchased
5) Click on the “Buy Ethereum” button
Obtaining the ether with Bitcoin
If you have bitcoins that you would like to exchange for ethers, you can omit the delays and hassles of the fiat system altogether. There are numerous encryption-only online exchanges, such as Poloniex and Bittrex, that will allow you to exchange BTC with ETH. There are also many exchanges that accept Fiat, but also provide BTC / ETH markets, such as Bitfinex.

By using the above methods to obtain bitcoins (or some other process), you can exchange your bitcoins directly with ethers. Then he bought modafinil, received our confirmation by email with our wallet ID, already opened an ethereum account, transferred his ethers to his wallet. The last thing you should consider doing is transfer ethereum from your portfolio ID to our portfolio ID. Once the transfer is made, you will receive a confirmation by email from us. Thank you for buying modafinil with ethereum. We have approved your order.

Summary of Ethereum

We love Ethereum, not only is it a Currency, it is an entire blockchain / smart-contract platform which means it solves at least two problems. Not only is it a platform, but more importantly it is a great platform which enables people to create very complex and feature rich applications.

There is a great team of developers and a great community, which has resulted in a rapid adoption rate. This means that not only is it a great way to buy things like Modafinil, it is also in my opinion a great investment opportunity!

If you have any questions or suggestions we would love to hear from you.

Buy modafinil with Ethereum online
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Buy modafinil with Ethereum online
Not only is Ethereum a great and convenient way to buy Modafinil and other online products it also works as a great platform to create smart contracts.
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