modafinil, does it cause hair loss?

Does Taking Modafinil Cause Hair Loss?

In case you’re a male hereditarily inclined to male pattern baldness who uses smart drugs, at that point Modafinil and male pattern baldness may have entered your thoughts.

Many stuff their bodies with smart drugs every single day without giving the possible adverse side effects a thought.

I was living in Dorset for a while, by the coast. The main reason I went there was to complete a tremendous amount of work and waterski three times every week. I anticipated being exhausted. I realised the nightlife wouldn’t be incredible, so there wouldn’t be too many distractions. I was thinking with the correct mind for once.

When I am Not Working All Hours on I Love to be Water-skiing!
When I am Not Working All Hours on I Love to be Water-skiing!

I took Modafinil 3 to 4 times every week, and on the days I was using the medication I’d get through ridiculous amounts of espresso. 55-70 hour work-weeks were the standard for my two months by the coast.

Paul Turner

Reality or fiction?

Be that as it may, I saw something. After a month, my hair looked altogether more thin than it did when I arrived. At first, I expected that the water-skiing and salt water had damaged it.

At that point, I contemplated my use of smart drugs. Could Modafinil and male pattern baldness be associated? Was male pattern baldness a reaction of regularly taking Modafinil?

I immediately turned to Google and found many conversations discussing Modafinil and balding. Various consumers affirmed the smart medication altogether accelerated male pattern baldness.

Clients on Reddit, Quora and all held up objections about the threats of male pattern baldness while taking Modafinil.

What Does Science Say?

Presently, anybody that understands male pattern baldness realises things are somewhat more unpredictable. Regardless of whether two or three hundred Modafinil clients encounter male pattern baldness, that doesn’t mean the smart medication is causing the shedding of hair. Male pattern baldness is a mind-boggling puzzle that regularly includes various elements, including genetics, hormonal profile, lifestyle, diet, and the sky is the limit from there.

modafinil, does it cause hair loss?

So is male pattern baldness a recorded symptom of Modafinil use? The science is very blurry. Most users don’t list male pattern baldness as a reported reaction of Modafinil.

Web MD set up commonly a full rundown of Modafinil symptoms, how regularly they happen, and their seriousness. Male pattern baldness is discernibly missing from the review. additionally overlooks the likelihood that Modafinil and male pattern baldness is a match made in damnation. You won’t locate the reaction recorded on their reports on Modafinil, either.

A large portion of the science-supported research and archived symptoms of smart medication don’t discuss or think about male pattern baldness.

It’s Not Exactly Chemo or Radiotherapy

The truth is somewhat more nuanced. There is no proof to suggest that taking Modafinil positively or negatively impacts alopecia or male pattern baldness.

In any case, the smart medication isn’t chemotherapy. I guarantee you that much. Controlled Modafinil use with legitimate dosing while at the same time studying won’t dramatically affect your hairline. Numerous Modafinil clients have taken the smart medication for a considerable length of time with no noteworthy balding issues.

While Modafinil could, in theory, accelerate the male pattern baldness process in males inclined, there are a couple of different components to consider.

Stress, Alopecia, and Modafinil Usage

Individuals that expend Modafinil as a smart medication or nootropic do as such which is as it should be. Regularly, they’re in an aggressive industry that requires elevated amounts of centre and upgraded efficiency.

Most Modafinil clients work in high-stretch situations. They’re contenders. Rivalry causes worry in specific individuals.

Also, think about what causes male pattern baldness? High-feelings of anxiety.

Stress can positively prompt hair dropping out at an expanded pace. So can an absence of appropriate rest, which is a reported symptom of this nootropic.

While Modafinil may have some impact on male pattern baldness, most clients ought to think about different components when managing male pattern baldness and Modafinil use.

A good example is the STACKING of Modafinil when using with a supplement such as Ashwagandha, the issues of stress, anxiety and being able to rest when you need to will all be helped tremendously.

Another essential supplement listed in our blog post Niacin has been found to not only reduce problems of Male pattern baldness but also reported to prevent and reverse the process of going grey!

Another fantastic thing which helps keep your hair healthy, promote growth, reduce baldness and greying is Castor Oil, which has been practised for centuries to keep hair healthy. Not only is it useful, but it’s also insanely cheap. A 10GBP bottle will last for a year!

The most effective method to Combat Hair Loss While Using Modafinil

When I understood that Modafinil might accelerate hair-loss in men inclined to it, I began to consider the ways of using the smart medication while limiting the adverse reactions.

On the off chance that regardless you need to use Modafinil without losing hair, there’s uplifting news: it’s unquestionably conceivable. I’ve been using Modafinil on and off for the most recent year with little change in my hairline. My hair has apart from my teenage years, never looked so healthy!

95% of Modafinil and balding stories online include somebody taking the smart medication consistently for five a year. At that point, they understand their hairline is shot since they’ve been using the smart medication excessively.

The Next Steps

I accomplish more than limit Modafinil utilisation to secure my hairline. I cherish the smart medication, yet I do want to keep my hair and have general good health.

In that capacity, I take specific steps to battle male pattern baldness. The nuts and bolts should keep your secured here. I employ these methods to guarantee Modafinil, working long hours and partying doesn’t affect my hairline.

  • I limit myself to 200mg per day MAX! I generally won’t take more than 100mg as it always seems to be enough, we are all different though. However, I would not recommend taking more than 200mg.
  • Rogaine Foam. I have discovered this to be a significant part of my routine, and I have seen good benefits from using this.
  • Regenepure DR Hair Loss Shampoo. I have tried lots of these and found this one to be the best and also one of the most affordable.
  • Dissolvable Extra Strength Biotin. Do look into taking this, I have asked Chris to look into this as a good stack, and I am sure he will. I will prepare more in-depth posts on these supplements, but I am sure you will thank me for suggesting this, there is a lot of useful information on YouTube and Google on this.
  • Ashwagandha – This is such a great supplement to take, I could not recommend this more, I have seen so many benefits since Chris recommended this to me a few years back. I take this regardless of whether or not I am taking modafinil. It’s an excellent stack and works great on its own.
  • Niacin – Another great supplement, make sure to take one which gives you the “flush”. It’s unbearable for some people to begin with, but you will notice the benefits in days. You will have a tingling sensation all around you, but its noticeable in the face, legs and over your hair, it’s no wonder that this so strongly recommended by people.
  • Castor Oil – This as mentioned earlier in this article is one of the best things you can use for healthy hair and skin, try this as a great alternative to hair gel!
  • Molasses – THis is very good for your all-round health and hair, this is very popular with people. It is perfect to use in the morning and great for people who consume too much sugar (which is most of us). It will take away the cravings of sugar we get through the day, and the benefits it has are amazing. Please look into this!
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – This is another part of my morning routine, there are so many benefits to taking this. Chris is doing a post on this very soon and has a lot of knowledge and experience with it. I am not sure how it helps in this area specifically, but it has worked for me.

I thought, if I am going bald; this is going to happen with or without taking modafinil. I went on to discover that the supplements I took alongside the Modafinil, not only slowed down, but reversed the process of balding.

Paul Turner

Additional Supplements I Recommend:

  • Natural Tart Cherry Juice
  • Melatonin and
  • ZMA

All of the things listed above will not only prevent and often reverse the symptoms of hair loss, but they will benefit you in all other areas of promoting good health.

When discussing Modafinil and male pattern baldness, there’s one more factor to consider: rest. When utilising this nootropic, you’ll undoubtedly need to sort out your sleep hygiene!

Chris Andrews

The cherry juice extract (Cherry Active is a personal favourite of mine) is particularly essential. It enhances recovery, rest, diminishes joint pain and can even ward off gout.

To Sum Up – Modafinil and Hair Loss:

I hope this is of use to you, and as much as many people think it’s in our interest for our customers to take 400mg of Modafinil EVERY day, it isn’t!

We want to offer our customers and readers the best advice possible as not only would it be unethical it would be poor short-term thinking. We’re in this for the long run! Repeat business is what we want.

So take the minimum effective dose, try to use the mentioned supplements as not only will they minimise any adverse side effects in the rare case you will suffer from them. But you will also benefit from all-round excellent health from them.

Just pursue the tips and traps above. Your hairline will look fine!

Your feedback is essential to us, so please share, leave comments etc and if you have any questions please Contact Us

Does Regular Modafinil Use Cause Hair Loss?
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Does Regular Modafinil Use Cause Hair Loss?
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