Flmodafinil vs Modafinil: What is the Difference between them? Which Should I Buy?

Modafinil is viewed by many as the closest thing to NZT or the Limitless Pill in the Real world!
Modafinil is viewed by many as the closest thing to NZT or the Limitless Pill in the Real world!

Flmodafinil is a new player on the nootropic scene. People who are praising drug are saying that it acts faster than both armodafinil modafinil with few side effects.

  • What is Flmodafinil?
  • Are these claims true?
  • What makes it different from the standard armodafinil and modafinil?

We have explored these questions, and more are below.

Flmodafinil Overview:

According to clinicaltrials.gov, there are approximately 287,501 clinical trials currently underway. One of these trials involves a new drug called Flmodafinil. Flmodafinil is under investigation since 2015 with almost nothing to express for it yet.

What is Flmodafinil?

Flmodafinil is a research chemical. Nobody has yet fully understood the effects of the drug or its safety. The company that invented it spoke of its existence all the way back in 1986 in a patent application.

Here’s What we Presently Know About the Drug:

Alternative names: Lauflumide, CRL-40,940, bis-(p)-fluoromodafinil, N-deshydroxyl Fladrafinil, bis-(p)-fluoromodafinil, Bisfluoromodafinil.

Scientific term: 2 [bis(4fluorophenyl) methylsulfinyl]- acetamide

Molecular Weight: 309.3308

CAS No: 90280-13-0

Chemical Structure: C15H13F2NO3S

Administration Modes: Tablet, capsulated powder, water-soluble powder.

Reported Benefits: It has increased bioavailability than traditional modafinil.

Modafinil & Flmodafinil:

Flmodafinil has a lot in common with modafinil. The primary reported difference is that Flmodafinil has an excellent bioavailability than modafinil. However, no scientific studies were there to support this at the time of writing.

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Another slightly different version exists which is known as CRL-40,941. It doesn’t appear as though, but this compound has been chosen for additional research.

These drugs are new products which are developed by the original creators of Lafon Lab’s (Laboratory Lafon) and modafinil.

Currently, The drug is only available for testing purposes and is reported to come in two primary forms, modafinil, a powder, and a tablet. To increase the speed, absorption, and capsulated, the powder can be mixed in with water.

Some people in the online community are getting excited about the new and enhanced version of the highly esteemed modafinil.

Is it all cracked up to be?

We will get into more detail later.

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is the smart drug king. Its effects are renowned in the nootropics community for boosting your study efforts or work. It is classified as a central nervous system stimulant and a eugeroic.

You may be speculating what this means!

A eugeroic is a kind of drug that promotes restlessness. It TURNS ON the switch of your brain to make you feel more conscious and attentive. Central nervous system stimulant is a term which is used to define all eugeroics but also goes advance to explain every compound that boosts the brain. They give us increase reaction times, turn us into machines, and a burst of energy. Central nervous system stimulant is the essential caffeine.

Modafinil is an outstanding stimulant. It’s very safe, extremely potent, and long-lasting. Business executives, creatives, and Students use it to augment their productivity to get more pay, promotion, earn a raise, and ace a difficult exam.

Technically, modafinil is used to address the problems associated with the FDA consideration which is “unnecessary sleepiness of daytime.” This includes conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, narcolepsy, shift-worker sleep disorders, obstructive sleep apnea, or multiple sclerosis. However, that is not how in the real world it always used.

There is one thing that FDA cannot allow a pharmaceutical stimulant for use as a “productivity enhancer.” It is the thing which will never happen. This has to lead many people to obtain modafinil under their table. People order it online from places such as AfinilExpress.com and some people borrow it from friends or relatives with a valid prescription.
The use of modafinil with off-label is considerably higher than the legal use of the drug. Cephalon Inc is a company which owns modafinil. Even it is also get caught in using off-label. Later they were charged to pay millions of dollars to make a settlement.

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Where can you Buy Modafinil?

There are some ways from which you can buy modafinil:

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It is a traditional way to get the drug. To do this, you will need to see a doctor, and there must have a genuine reason for a doctor to prescribe the Modafinil drug to you.
If this does not work then try method number 2 instead.

Luckily if you manage to get a prescription from a doctor, and whenever you take it to the pharmacy, so I am assuming that you have brought a right amount of cash because the brand named Provigil® and Nuvigil® are not cheap. Their retail price per tablet varies from $20-$51. If we calculate for a year, then it can cost thousands of dollar on a yearly basis.

Online Stores

We aren’t here to push our product on you; we hope you will see from our reviews and testing we will demonstrate the quality of Modpure over time.
Purchasing online is the best way to get modafinil because online sellers are from different countries, and country like India with weak medication laws can sell the drug legally without any prescription. Generic versions of the drug are also preferable to sell. This version has the same dose and the well-known brand name, but they don’t have a price tag.
Modalert and Modvigil are Generic versions of modafinil which cost on average $1.80 per tablet, and it is significantly cheaper than the cost of the brand mentioned above (Provigil® and Nuvigil®). Armodafinil is slightly more expensive, but it still much cheaper than the brands mentioned above (Provigil® and Nuvigil®).

We feel our ModPure 100 and ModPure 200 is the best priced and our quality is as good as any other brands, if not better. We don’t want to get into the debate of ours is better, we plan to demonstrate our quality soon and will show you how to do the same in future articles.

What Makes Modafinil Different From Flmodafinil?

Flmodafinil is like modafinil, but there is a twist.

To explain this further, I have to discuss the different types of modafinil which are currently available.

Version 1. Racemic Modafinil:

The chemicals which come in two main versions are known as “Enantiomers”.

To explain enantiomer, the best example we have is our HANDS. Each of our hands is classified as a hand. I am sure you can agree on that. Whether they both are hands and do the same thing, and both are the mirror image of each other. To lay the one side over the other hand and have the same outline, One need to flip one of the hand upsides down.

Well, it is the same case with the chemicals. There are left and right versions of similar chemicals. Although they generally both do the same thing, one is usually better at something than the other.

Let’s get back to what racemic modafinil is:

The standard version of modafinil is Racemic modafinil. It contains both the right-handed (R-modafinil) and Left-handed (S-modafinil) in the same mixture. Modalert, Modvigil, and Provigil® are the racemic versions of modafinil.

Version 2. Enantiopure Modafinil:

If racemic modafinil has both right and left-handed versions of the drug, then the enantiopure release contains only one of these enantiomers. It’s a pure concentration of one enantiomer.

When it comes to different versions of Modafinil, generally, the R-modafinil enantiomer is preferred because the effects of this formula have been shown to be sturdier in its effects. R-modafinil referred to as Armodafinil. Armodafinil products include Waklert, Nuvigil®, and Artvigil. Of course, when the compound is stronger, the dose is reduced. The enantiopure modafinil having R-modafinil is generally given at a quantity of 150 mg to achieve the same results, Instead of the 200 mg dose standard of Racemic Modafinil.

Version 3. Derivatives of Modafinil:

Now we’re one step behind to get into the zone of Flmodafinil.
Flmodafinil is not an enantiomer, but it is a derivative. It’s an alteration to the original compound in one way or another whenever something is adapted or changed to the molecule is usually to make it better.

For the classification of Flmodafinil as a derivative drug, the compound must derive from the parent structure. It shows that when making a derivative of modafinil, it has to be made directly from modafinil itself. We would call this a “first-order” derivative.

Aspirin is an excellent example of a well-known derivative.

Salicylic acid is a compound from which Aspirin derived, a mixture naturally found in the bark of the willow tree. In the early 1900s, researchers figured out that Salicylic acid was the primary chemical which was responsible for the pain-relieving abilities of the herb. Researchers decided to make it even better, and for this, they added an acetyl chemical group to the compound which results in making it more bioavailable to the body and significantly increasing the potency of the drug. This is precisely the case with Flmodafinil.

Is Flmodafinil Improved Modafinil or not?

Flmodafinil is almost similar to Modafinil, but it has two fluoro-groups attached to it. It is considered to have higher bioavailability than Modafinil. Thanks to the additional fluoro-groups.

Augmented bioavailability means that a higher fraction of the drug is absorbed through the digestive tract and eventually allowing for minor doses.

The Recommended Benefits of Flmodafinil Includes:

  • Dopamine reuptake inhibitor
  • Neuroprotective
  • Antidepressant
  • Anti-aggressive

In 2013, the company working on the drug patented and have been pushing the drug through a phase of scientific trials since 2015. After that, there has not been any convincing, or compelling info to surface that the drug offers any enhancement over modafinil.

Modafinil & Flmodafinil:

Why Should You Switch to Modafinil?

There is no doubt that the idea of upgraded modafinil sounds exceptional, and there is no indication that Flmodafinil is any better.

The improved bioavailability is being gossiped a lot in online forums; however, despite three years of Phase I clinical trial and Thirty years of its discovery, nothing has yet to come from the company that patented it. Besides that, do we need modafinil to be more bioavailable?

A 200 mg dose is already minimal, and highly useful for, treating narcolepsy, increasing productivity and other sleeping disorders, and boosting energy levels. Lowering the dosage wouldn’t change its effects, only the amount of the drug we take can alter its results. The pill size (dose) of modafinil is not a problem. It’s already small and efficient.

We are looking into Flmodafinil and of-course will consider selling it providing we feel there is a demand and that it is something we are willing to put our name to.

We will surely keep you informed on any new developments of this drug, but until then, we are not convinced, and It is going to bring anything advantageous to fruition.

Stick to modafinil and keep the productivity going strong!

Dr Modafinil
Flmodafinil vs Modafinil Which is Better?
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Flmodafinil vs Modafinil Which is Better?
Flmodafinil vs Modafinil: What is the Difference between them? What are our findings? In this article we look into which we feel is better
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