An Even More Efficient Way of Snorting Modafinil?

High on Modafinil What does it feel like and how?

For most of the part, modafinil is used to keep users awake and alert longer although Modafinil is to treat sleep disorders like “narcolepsy” or also for that individual who wants to work more.





Paul Turner

Modafinil produces a high, and this is one of the reasons that many consumers take it. There are no scientific studies that have confirmed that this is also possible. There are many people on forums like Bluelight and Reddit which talk about a mild euphoria when they take higher doses of modafinil.

Is Modafinil safe? How Does It Work?

Does modafinil make us high?

What does it feel like?


But First of all; Who Uses Modafinil?

Is Adderall or Modafinil best for Ecessive Daytime Sleepiness?
Is Adderall or Modafinil best for Ecessive Daytime Sleepiness?

Modafinil is a eugeroic medication, which means that it is capable of keeping us awake and alert longer than regular days. It fuels the waking portion of the brain areas, which associates with our sleep-wake cycle. When the brain stimulates these areas, then it will remain us highly vigilant and alert for several hours till the end of the day.

People who take modafinil have the aim to stay focused longer:

It often includes entrepreneurs, students, pilots, business executives, truck drivers, shift workers, and people with sleep disorders like sleep apnea or narcolepsy.

If we stay awake for long periods, then it means that we can augment our overall productivity. Anyone who has tight workload or deadlines can take great advantages from Modafinil.

Where to Buy Modafinil?

Where to Buy Modafinil in the UK, ordering modafinl
Where to Buy Modafinil in the UK

You can buy Modafinil only through prescription. If you have, your medicine script then you can quickly get modafinil from any pharmacy. However, you can buy this from an online vendor while workings of a legal grey area. Most vendors distribute modafinil out of India where modafinil is not restricted; you can buy it without any prescription.

Whenever you buy modafinil from an overseas company based, then it is essential to use a provider with good company ethics and track record. Most of the online vendors deal with a selection of generic versions of the drug, which includes; Artvigil, Modvigil, Waklert, and Modalert.

Does Modafinil Make you feel high?

bear and cinderella snorting cocaine or modafinil

There are no case studies evidence available in the scientific literature for people who are experiencing high from modafinil. However, there are many online reports available, evidencing that people feel high from modafinil. So many people are handling this, and it is hard to deny that it is happening.

If you consider how modafinil works, then it gives us some significant facts on how can modafinil achieve this, especially in higher doses.

How Modafinil Works?

As cocaine, Modafinil binds with the same receptors in the brain with much milder extent. In one study, The monkeys trained for the self-administration of cocaine and some monkeys trained for self-administration of modafinil when available to them.

Since cocaine and modafinil aim some similar receptors to produce their effects (dopamine transporters). At least on euphoria, these two drugs have the same results.

Modafinil & Cocaine: The Reward Center

Through triggering the reward centre of the brain, cocaine produces euphoria. This region regulates by dopamine, which is the target of both cocaine and modafinil.

When reward-centre fires, then it releases oxytocin in the brain, which gives us that feeling of euphoria and pleasure. During a tough day, this system always remains active, and dose us with small hits of oxytocin which benefits us when we do any task. We need this system because it helps us to form patterns and habits.

If we do something which make us feel good, so it makes sense that you want to do it again, right?

We know that cocaine is inhibiting the reuptake of dopamine. Subsequently, dopamine is compulsory to activate the reward centre and higher the dopamine concentrations which allow the reward system to fire longer and more often. It gives us a feeling of euphoria.

We are also aware that modafinil binds to these same receptors, which cause to increase dopamine. Therefore, a theoretical mechanism gives us a high feeling.

Modafinil vs Cocaine:

Henry hoover snorting cocaine or modafinil
Is Everyone Snorting?

While these two drugs bind to the same receptor, but there are some significant differences to keep in your mind before going around and telling people that cocaine and modafinil are same.

On paper, it is easy to sit and make an argument that modafinil and cocaine are the same because they both work to activate the same receptor. Both of these also increase concentrations of dopamine, especially in the accumbens nucleus.

There is a clear difference which shows how these drugs feel.

When Cocaine produces visible states of stimulation and euphoria, and the effects only last for two hours. While Modafinil also produces but it is not recognised officially for delivering any happiness within the standard dose. It is also last for sixteen to twenty-two hours. It shows that there are some strategic differences in the effects of cocaine and modafinil.

It is also significant to notice that modafinil works on other things as well, it just not increasing dopamine concentrations, but it also targets histamine, norepinephrine, and orexin, none of these produces euphoria once they activate.

It explains that the reports that include feelings of euphoria include doses out of the normal range of modafinil. Of course, it is not something which researchers would test on anyone but mice due to some concerns of safety.

It is possible that modafinil contains effects of higher doses like cocaine does.

So let’s take a look by examining some of the case studies involving euphoric effects in modafinil.

Case Studies of “Being High” on Modafinil

User Report #1: 2000 mg in 6 hours

Reddit thread highlights the experience of a consumer who took about 2000 mg modafinil in the 6-hours window when he sought out an experience of euphoric. He wanted to get high off results from modafinil after looking at other threads which were talking about these effects from 800mg PLUS of modafinil.

One morning, he started with 800 mg. Then he adds another 200 mg every hour until the rest of the ten packages ended. He reported that from the first dose the effects came on strong after about 2 hours, but it kept going as he was dosing every hour.

He said that he felt “super-fast,” “hyper-focused,” and “amazing.” He felt that as he took a “worthy amount of Adderall.”

He started to feel mentally fatigued after around 6 hours. An hour after hour he was getting worse.

On the other hand, that modafinil consumers who are taking high doses have mentioned that when they reach the point of total mental exhaustion after some hours, they can’t sleep. They remain awake for the whole day and night.

User Report #2: Modafinil of 4000 mg!

Warning! This one is very extreme, and we do not ever recommend you try this.

A user from Reddit posted his experience with high doses of modafinil. He used to take regular dosage of 200mg. However, one day when he woke up late, so he decided to make two doses to catch up on the time which he missed. After about 30 minutes later, he started to feel a sweet thrill coming on. He became more energetic and talkative.

He followed this up shortly with 1600 mg of oxiracetam and three cups of coffee. It was enough to get him into a solid euphoric state. He maintained his doses with 200 mg of modafinil per hour.

Till the end of the day, he consumed over 4000 mg (4 gram) of modafinil, which is 20 times the usual dose, 1600 mg of oxiracetam, and around 300 mg of caffeine.

He described the feeling as “overjoyed.” The report goes on to take the detail of recovery for over the coming three days. He said that he was not capable of sleeping for a few days, even he could not hold down at any food, and also suffered from episodic migraines. He also went to check himself to the hospital for dehydration.

User Report 3: Feeling the Modafinil High with 800 mg

On Bluelight forums, a user reported his experience and talked about his knowledge of seeking high modafinil.

He is a consistent user of modafinil and generally takes 100mg or 200 mg modafinil doses to help him at work. He is a web developer, and he has to work for long hours because he tries to stay on top of his projects. He usually takes modafinil 3 to 4 times per week when he needs to awake all night to work on his plans and project.

On a few occasions, he reported that during the peak hours he used to feel slight euphoric effects of the drug and became curious about how he could get more feeling for more extended hours. He found after some research that people often report euphoria feelings around the 800 mg dose. Then one afternoon he decided to try it.

At 3 pm, when he started to feel the arrival of fatigue as he usually does during the regular day; he took four pills of 200 mg Modalert.

At roughly 5 pm, he started to feel the effects of doses, which continued to build over for the next two hours. By 7 pm he became unquestionably strengthened. He started feeling minor euphoria, and describes himself as a “coding machine.” He did not only finished the entire project in one night, but he also achieved the euphoric feeling for which he was searching.

As the study goes, however, he reported that the comedown was less than ideal. At noon, he started to feel fatigued, and the feeling of euphoria had gone. For the next 3 hours, he kept working but became less productive as time passed. He started having a headache and some mild sickness.

After that, he went home and tried to sleep, but he was not able to fall asleep until 10 am in the next day. So he slept the entire day and then back to work as usual the day after.

Analysing These User Reports: What is the High Modafinil?

You can find a pattern of experiences by looking at the reports of these users.

Paul Turner

We have concluded that you can produce euphoria feeling with modafinil. The high usually described as mild, and it can last 2 to 6 hours. If you try to push the effect past, then this will not seem to be effective, even with very high doses of up to 4000 mg.

During the comedown from the drug, the report of case studies varying degrees of discomfort, usually involving dehydration exhaustion, nausea, headaches, and insomnia. Even in the normal range, these are the most common side effects of the drug. By the way, the user reports did not describe it as severe judging.

Based on above experiences of users, it shows that 800 mg to 2000 mg range of dosage is best for producing these effects, as long as you know that the comedown is not going to be enjoyable.

Both of these users who took modafinil got the euphoric state for which they were looking for, and they were extremely focused and attentive just like the drug promised to do.

The report of the second user who took 4000 mg dose was too much modafinil. The effects of euphoric he described were not stronger than the smaller doses, and the experience of his comedown was extremely hazardous.

He had to visit the hospital for dehydration, and it took him just a few days to recover. Well, his experience sounds utterly dreadful, and it is not something to which most people want to put themselves through.

You need to stick with the sub-2000 mg range of dosage. If this is something, you are thinking about to try, then be aware of the side effects.

Optimising the Modafinil High:

What we know about modafinil’s effects based on levels of dopamine, and the anecdotal reports of euphoric highs feeling on the drug. It is sensible to assume that there is a ‘high’ which modafinil can produce.

There are many ways to do it wrong, and some of them can be very risky.

We do not recommend you take doses of over 2000 mg. It would help if you remained at a maximum dosage of 800 mg. Based on the research of our forum, 800 mg is the magic number when it comes to taking the modafinil high.

It provides the state of euphoric of which many people are looking for, with a mildly uncomfortable comedown. High mg doses often bring the further risk of developing side effects and also bring an uncomfortable fall which can last as long as a full day and sometimes even more.

Enhancing The High With L-Theanine:

We Cover this in Our Top Ten Ways to Improve the Potency of Modafinil

It is a natural compound found in the tea plant leaves called Camellia sinensis. L-Theanine offers some essential benefits when we use it in combination with modafinil to enhance the modafinil high. It also relaxes the mind without making us sleepy, which counteract the effects of modafinil.

Moreover, L-theanine allows us to remain focused and calm, which reduce the chances of developing insomnia or anxiety during higher doses of the medication. It does not deny the benefits of the modafinil but makes side effects less likely to happen, and more manageable.

With these less pronounced side effects, it is likely that the modafinil high will be much clear, and even last longer. L-Theanine also has a small ability to escalate dopamine, but through a different pathway in the brain. It may further improve the effects of the modafinil on dopamine.

It contends with other surely understood powerhouses like Adderall and Concerta.!
Problems Studying?


There are a lot of online reports about people who use modafinil for the high it produces. However, clinical research does not support these reports, and it is indistinct about the safety of high dose modafinil. It is hard to refute the numerous amount of user reports discussing their experiences with the modafinil high.

The reports range from taking 800 mg to 2000 mg, and up to 4000 mg in a per day. It is 20 regular doses in one day. Most of these users talk about their experiences of feeling HIGH at around 800 mg and up mark. If we look at the ranges of 2000 mg or more, then the euphoric effects appear to be about a similar intensity, but the comedown of it is much worse than that.

Therefore, if you are seeking about to take modafinil high, we advise you to stay informed and do not ever exceed 2000 mg. For ideal results, stick to the range of 800 mg and take L-Theanine to improve the experience.

High on Modafinil? What does it feel like and how?
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High on Modafinil? What does it feel like and how?
Modafinil is used to keep users awake and alert longer although Modafinil is to treat narcolepsy. Does that individual who wants to work more.
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