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How to Buy Modafinil with Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin cash is quite well established compared to many of the cryptocurrencies, and although we accept the most different amount of cryptocurrencies at the time of writing this, we will aim to allow more if we feel they are relevant and beneficial to our customers and us. We want to make it easy for our customers, and if you have done well investing in your Bitcoin cash you may feel like buying your next order of Modafinil with it; we aim to please, and we have made this relatively easy to do so.

At Dr Modafinil we are happy to be accepting Bitcoin Cash
At Dr Modafinil we are happy to be accepting Bitcoin Cash

We briefly covered Bitcoin Cash in our Accepted Cryptocurrencies Article, but we will include it in a little more detail covering:

  • How to Claim Bitcoin Cash
  • How to Buy Bitcoin Cash
  • How to Exchange other Currencies to Bitcoin Cash and
  • how to Buy Modafinil with Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

So, you want to use Bitcoin Cash (BCH)? There are some options available to you, but first, you will need to obtain a wallet that is compatible with Bitcoin Cash.

How to claim Bitcoin Cash

At Dr Modafinil we are happy to be accepting Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash / BCH

If you had Bitcoins in your possession before August 1, 2017, when the Bitcoin Cash bifurcation occurred, you could claim the same amount of tokens in Bitcoin Cash. Even if you have not declared your Bitcoin Cash tokens at this time, they will be safe and sound expecting for you to claim them.

The methods to claim your tokens will vary depending on the precise wallet you manage.

If you have a full node wallet (a wallet that requires you to download the whole blockchain) such as Bitcoin Core, merely back up your wallet by navigating the menu and selecting ‘Backup-Wallet’. This will generate a wallet.dat file that can be imported into a full-node Bitcoin Cash wallet, for example, Bitcoin ABC, where your BCH tokens will be available to you.

It is essential to bear in mind; some full node wallets may clash with one and other. For example, the default directory for Bitcoin ABC is the same as Bitcoin Core. Therefore, the installation of Bitcoin ABC can cause Bitcoin Core data to be overwritten.

If you have not backed up your private keys, this may cause you to lose your BTC and BCH tokens permanently. To dodge this, install Bitcoin ABC, or any similar Bitcoin Cash wallet, on a different machine.

If you’re using an SPV (Simplified Payment Verification) wallet (which does not need the full block-chain downloaded to your workstation), you will still be able to claim your Bitcoin Cash tokens.

Most of these wallets employ a recovery seed, which is a phrase that contains their private keys and, by extension, their Bitcoin Cash (BCH) private-keys. Consequently, you should have no issues accessing your BCH by typing this seed into a dedicated wallet.

However, the procedure for doing this may differ depending on the type of wallet used. So to be sure, look for an advertisement made by your wallet provider that provides instructions on how to claim your funds. Take a look at this publication on Reddit for a variety of ad links. Alternatively, you can always contact your wallet support team.

If you did not have Bitcoins at the time of the split, you could still buy Bitcoin Cash in some currency exchanges, or you can opt for a peer-to-peer transaction.

Exchanges to buy Bitcoin Cash

Although Bitcoin Cash is currently the fourth largest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple in terms of market capitalisation, it is not backed by all significant cryptocurrency exchanges.

Although the adoption of foreign currencies is increasing, of all the exchanges that operate worldwide in the table, currently only Kraken, GDAX and allow you to buy Bitcoin Cash for cash.

If you choose to use other exchanges, such as Bittrex, you can only get Bitcoin Cash in exchange for Bitcoin or Ether. To know which specific transaction pairs an exchange supports, you can take a look in the “about” or “F.A.Q.” section of the exchange website or use CryptoCoinCharts.

Keep in mind that the absolute majority of cryptocurrency exchanges will require you to go through a rather lengthy and, at times, discouraging process to verify your identity before you can start trading.

Also, to deposit or withdraw funds from an exchange, you must connect your bank account to the exchange withdrawal system. Completing the identity verification and linking bank accounts will probably take a few business days.

For security reasons, most crypto-currency exchanges only accept withdrawals and deposits through bank transfers, which may take up to three business days. Some platforms allow credit/debit card payments and, in many instances, even PayPal, although most of the time this option is only open for Bitcoin purchases.

Different exchanges will also request different rates for several operations. Some platforms charge a fixed amount, while others calculate their prices for each transaction automatically. Each trade provides a reduction of their rates in the “about” or “F.A.Q.” section.

Transaction times also vary depending on an exchange; as previously mentioned, most of the time to deposit and withdraw funds from exchanges can take up to three business days. Nevertheless, most cryptocurrency operations, especially when it comes to Bitcoin Cash, are almost immediate.

Alternatively, if you previously own Bitcoins or any other dominant cryptocurrency, you can use services like Shapeshift and Changelly to instantly exchange between cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Cash. Also, Changelly allows you to buy most of your USD-compatible cryptocurrencies through Visa or MasterCard.

Finally, always make sure you keep your funds and transactions safe. Only conduct transactions in reputable exchanges, be sure to read the opinions and comments of users and always double check the addresses to which you are sending your funds.

Trade as equals

Alternatively, you can opt for an equal purchase. LocalBitcoinCash is an example of a service that supports this for Bitcoin Cash, as does LocalBitcoins for the original Bitcoin. LocalBitcoinCash provides a platform where users can exchange BCHs for fiat currencies directly with each other. Users can place orders and wait for someone to respond or fulfil other people’s orders, and the platform itself provides a guaranteed service. Notwithstanding, it remains to be seen if this platform is reliable.

If you decide to use the platform, keep in mind that you will deal with individuals, rather than with reputable companies. This means that the possibility of fraudulent behaviour is significantly higher.

When making peer-to-peer transactions, always be sure to check back the amounts, the current exchange rate and the addresses of your wallet and the recipient’s wallet. Finally, and this should be obvious: never, under any circumstances, give your private keys to anyone.

There is also the option to organise a person-to-person meeting. This can be done through the dedicated Bitcoin Cash forums, LocalBitcoinCash and you can always check to find an event related to the BCH near you.

When you buy Bitcoin Cash off-line, make sure to gather in a public place. Bring a friend along with you could also be the right approach (be sure to notify the seller in advance). You will also require a working Internet connection to verify the most recent exchange rate and sign the transaction.

local bitcoin exchange, buying modafinil with bitcoin cash
Meeting in Person? Be Careful, especially on the first Meet!

How to Buy Modafinil with Bitcoin Cash / BCH

In the same way that you’d buy Modpure Modafinil with any of the other Cryptocurrencies, when at the checkout, Select to Pay with Cryptocurrencies, Select BCH and then you will be welcomed with a unique QR code which you can scan to make it easier or there with be a unique wallet address and the amount to pay.

Once that has been done your order will be processed in under a day and will be shipped to you straight away.

If you have any inquiries about buying Modafinil with Bitcoin Cash or any other questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

How to Buy Modafinil with Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
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How to Buy Modafinil with Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
If you have done well investing in your Bitcoin cash you may feel like buying your next order of Modafinil with it; we aim to please, and we have made this relatively easy to do so.
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Dr Modafinil
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