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Noopept- An exceptional smart drug for intermediate users

The nootropic community has been buzzing about the drop-in relevancy of Adrafinil with Noopept becoming the next big thing. Although Adrafinil isn’t even close to becoming obsolete if you are looking to try a new smart drug then Noopept should be a supplement you try.

Pros of Noopept

  • Improves memory
  • Improves alpha brain waves which improve cognitive performance
  • Ease symptoms of anxiety


  • Can cause headaches or nausea at higher doses.

What is Noopept?

In the 1990s a synthetic molecule was developed to help slow down cognitive decline in elderly people.

Although it is primarily used as a cognitive enhancer, it can also be used to enhance moods and relieve stress.

Noopept is often connected to Piracetam as the two work in similar ways. However, Noopept is 1000x more effective than Piracetam.

The effectiveness along with a low price makes it obvious why Noopept is at the top of most peoples smart drug lists.

The research on Noopept:

Effects of Noopept

In 1996, Piracetam was used as the basis of developing Noopept for use in battling cognitive decline of a persons mind. It is not surprising then that similar brain function is shown from brain scans after taking the drugs.

Noopept can be taken in powder, pill or drop form. It is very fast acting.

Paul Turner

How fast do you feel Noopept’s effects?

Noopept takes around 7 minutes to reach the bloodstream. Give it 30 minutes or so, and the drug will be working at full effect!

When reaching the brain, Noopept improves alpha brain waves which allow for a boost in cognitive performance. Brain chemicals BDNF and NGF located in the hippocampus are also increased in production. Researches have hypothesised that the increase in the neurotrophin factors directly correlates to continuous memory improvement. Despite this, BDNF and NGF are usually more associated with more long-term memory improvement.

Other studies have proven that taking Noopept has a ‘cholinosensitizing’ effect on the brain. This effect makes the neuron receptors more reactive and sensitive to the incoming neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Improved sensitivity to acetylcholine means that the brain signals travel faster resulting in a clearer mind more ready for mental exercise.

Along with Noopept’s effects on memory and clarity improvement, it has proven to be a much more effective mood enhancer and stress reliever than Piracetam. Many benzodiazepine receptors exist in the hippocampus which is connected directly to your level of stress. Noopept’s main metabolite has been proven to affect the hippocampus in an anti-stress or anxiolytic way.

Some evidence exists that Noopept excites neurons. This means it can be used as a psychostimulant although no definitive study on the matter has been completed.

Noopept Dosage

noopept powder, nooptept tablets
Noopept Powder

Compared to Piracetam the dosage for Noopept will be much lower due to its higher strength.

You should start slow taking 10 mg a day for a few days to get used to the effects and monitor how your body reacts before then increasing the dosage to 30 mg. If you wish you can push the limit to 60 mg per day, but the glutamate receptors may get overstimulated along with a terrible headache.

A month break should be taken after every 60 days of use.

Additional research to determine the optimal intake of Noopept for humans is in progress so below are the current guidelines.

Always consult a physician if you have questions or doubts about taking a smart drug such as Noopept.

Taking Noopept:

Side effects of Noopept

If taken in the 10-30 mg a day range, clinical studies show the side effects felt should be limited.

Noopept, if taken in high doses can cause fatigue, nausea, headaches, and insomnia. Stacking Noopept with choline can be a way to help avoid problems caused by the drug.

If taking any other medications then don’t let Noopept interfere with them. A doctor should be consulted on its use with other medicines.

Stacking Noopept:

Noopept is a versatile smart drug, reacting well to being stacked with other compounds, some of them are listed as is Noopept in our Top 10 Ways to Improve Modafinil Performance article. Here are three of the best compounds to add:


The addition of racetams like Aniracetam, Oxiracetam or Piracetam may feel a little counterproductive due to Noopept being designed to mimic their effects, but they are not. Noopept and Racetams target separate areas of the brain, so the compounds mentioned can have a synergistic effect. This can help take focus, memory and mood to higher levels.


When getting used to Noopept users have reported that Choline has had a soothing effect.

Some users may experience headaches in the beginning stages of taking Noopept the addition of a quality choline source like of Alpha GPC will allow you to reap only the benefits of Noopept without the headaches.

For Choline 300 mg is an effective dosage when used in conjunction with Noopept.

Reviews And Feedback on Noopept

Because of its price performance and effectiveness Noopept is popular in the nootropic circles. This has resulted in a flood of other people’s reviews.

This is what some users have to say about it:

“I have read many good things about Noopept and decided to try it to help give me focus. Each dose works for a long time. The taste isn’t too bad, but still, I prefer the capsules. Taking Noopept and optimal Choline is currently my favourite choice out of all the focus nootropics.”

“What an incredible, beneficial, lifesaving nootropic. Over the years I have experimented with many and have found that Noopept is my favourite and the best. My work involves lots of pressure and long hours, and Noopept has let me work 12 hour days with great focus. I do take acetyl-choline around 30 minutes before taking Noopept which has prevented headaches. I feel the effects within 10 minutes, and it lasts for 3 hours without crashing. I have also noticed a better mood and better sleep since starting the drug.”

“For the first week I took it, it felt like I was numb emotionally, logical and talkative. I was very impatient towards others limited understanding when teaching. After many months of cycling the drug, it has only helped me a small amount with my word fluency.”

“After three days I started to notice the effects, but once it had started, I felt more motivated and focused. I began to start having dreams again which had stopped years before. I can process my thoughts so much faster and more clear. One bad part is I seem to be much more easy to anger than before.”

“I have used Noopept in cycles of 56 days taking 10mg twice daily. For the next week, I then stop before returning to the cycle. I have had such positive effects. I feel it may have corrected parts of my brain I had damaged with legal pain killer and other drugs that I used to cope with injuries from an accident. I no longer forget what I’m saying mid-sentence, and I can concentrate much more easily.”

“I love Noopept. It was the first nootropic I tried. I have experienced no side effects and have gained more mental energy, a boost in mood and a massive increase in motivation. I either take it alone or sometimes with Aniracetam or Alpha GPC for better effects. I’ve also been using it for help with menopausal brain fog which it has helped. I do cycle off it for larger projects as daily use seems to diminish some effects with me.”

Where can you buy Noopept?

We will be looking to sell Noopept at some point this year, but we are so busy with our main project this will probably not be for a couple of months.

To summarise, Noopept will:

  • Alleviate brain fog
  • Improve memory
  • Lessen symptoms of anxiety
  • May offer you a sharper focus

Buying Noopept from websites with high customer satisfaction and proven track records is very important no matter the added expenses.

Noopept can be taken in capsule, sublingual drop form or powder.


Noopept legality

It is a legal drug and easily obtainable but has not yet been approved for consumption by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Noopept vs Piracetam

Although both have similar effects, Noopept is stronger, quicker in creating an impact and more cost-effective.

For how long does Noopept work?

After taking Noopept, visible results should be gained up to or slightly over an hour later. If you wish to increase the effects, you might want to divide your doses into smaller quantities that are consumed in 45-minute intervals. Do not consume more than 30 mg a day or you may experience side effects.

Can Noopept be taken all year round?

No like many nootropics it cannot be taken all year round. It must be cycled, taking a month break for every two months on the drug.

We hope to be selling Noopept once we have the time to look into it more. We will only sell something if we can source or produce something of quality and substance.

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