Using Acupressure to Get Rid of Migraines and Headaches

how to get rid of headaches caused by modafinil
Migraines Can Really Impair Your Productivity.

We recently covered an article on preventing migraines and headaches which as explained are not caused by the modafinil itself but by other factors, primarily, being dehydrated. If you are someone who regularly gets migraines, there may be other reasons for this, and the tips we covered should help your situation or get rid of migraines and headaches altogether!

One thing I am a big fan of is Acupuncture, but another thing which is most effective with migraines and can be that subtle and best of all FREE is acupressure. This guide will show you a process which can be done in under 5 minutes and can be done subtly at your office desk, and no one will even notice!

Stage 1 – Stimulate the Third Eye Point

The Third Eye Point also named GV 24.5
The Third Eye Point also named GV 24.5

The Third Eye Point. Each acupressure location has many distinctive names, those based on its ancient practice and the more modern name; which is often a succession of letter and numbers. The Third Eye Point also named GV 24.5 helps alleviate migraines and headaches. This spot is positioned between the eyebrows; where the bridge of the nose connects to the forehead.

Push this point with a fixed amount of pressure for one minute. You can try merely pressing firmly or implement a circular motion. Notice which works best for you.

Stage 2 – Drilling Bamboo.

Drilling Bamboo is a great acupressure point you can use to relieve migraines
Drilling Bamboo

Drilling Bamboo also termed B2 or Bright Lights Points, treats headaches that are found in the front of the head; Those pressure points are determined at the inner corners of your eyes, just above the eyelid and upon the bone surrounding your eye.

Using the tops of both your thumbs or index fingers and applying force to both points simultaneously for one minute. If you wish to do each side separately, you can. However, I find it works best when doing both at the same time. Only make sure to do it for 60 seconds on each side!

Stage 3 – Welcome Fragrance

Welcome Fragrance Acupressure Point is useful for migraines
Welcome Fragrance

Welcome Fragrance also called LI20, or Welcome Perfume treats sinus pain and migraine headaches. This pressure point is positioned on the outward side of each nostril, close to the bottom of your cheekbone.
Applying a broad, firm amount of pressure or use a circular motion. Again do this for one minute.

Stage 4 – Press the spots along your temple area.

Acupressure Points around Temple Area
Acupressure Points around Temple Area

The temple area has a group of points that bend around the outside of your ear on the skull. Located an index finger in width from the edge of the outer ear. The first point, the Hair-line Curve, begins just above the top of your ear. Each point is an index finger in width between each position, curling downwards and back around the ear.

By applying pressure to each point on both sides of the head for a total of 60 seconds and you can also stimulate each point one after the other for the best outcome.
These pressure points are in order (from front to back)

  • Hairline Curve
  • Valley Lead
  • Celestial Hub
  • Floating White, and the last one,
  • Head Portal Yin.

If you struggle with this, there will be many video tutorials to choose from on YouTube.

Stage 5 – Stimulate Wind Mansion

Stimulate Wind Mansion or GV16
Stimulate Wind Mansion or GV16

GV16, also named the Wind Mansion point, attends stiff necks, migraines and treats mental stress. Located inside the centre of the back of your head; halfway between your ears and the spine. Locate the hollow under the base of your skull and press into the middle.

Use a deep and firm amount of pressure against the point for at least one minute.

Stage 6 – Massage He Gu

Union Valley

The Union Valley, L14 or otherwise referred to as He Gu, is positioned in your hands. This position is in the web between your index finger and thumb. (If you have ever used a screwdriver and accidentally hit this part of your hand and wondered why it hurts, there’s a lot of nerve endings there 😉

By using your left hand to apply pressure to your right LI4 and after a minute on that hand, then go on to use your right hand to apply pressure to your left LI4.

Make sure to use a deep, firm pressure to press the point for at least 60 seconds.

Paul Turner

To Sum Up:

Use at least 5 of the 6 stages to see the benefits of Acupressure. You now have a system which can dramatically relieve your migraines within 5 to 10 minutes, will improve your productivity, using no drugs or un-natural substances and best of all; won’t cost you a penny.

I hope you find this useful and also that you don’t need to use these techniques too often, migraines are unpleasant and by practising the approaches explained in our most recent post, hopefully, you won’t need to use this regardless of whether your using Modafinil or not.

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Acupressure to Get Rid of Migraine Headaches
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Acupressure to Get Rid of Migraine Headaches
The Acuprssure Tips we cover should help your situation or get rid of migraines and headaches altogether! Even if you use Modafinil or not!
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Dr Modafinil
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