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We are Now Accepting Cryptocurrencies!

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting Crypto-currencies. This is great for our customers as it enables them to conveniently send payment for their orders, hassle free and the low to free transaction fees make the payment cheaper for us to process.

These savings will be passed onto you!

The process for buying Modafinil with Crypto has never been easier, when you visit our Shop, once you have selected your order; you simply choose the Cryptocurrncy option in the Checkout and choose the Cryptocurrency you wish to pay with. You will be given the address to send the money to with the amount needed or use the easier option of scanning the QR code if you are paying from a mobile wallet.

Once the payment has gone through which is very quick there will be confirmation on our site; we also send confirmation of the Order, and again once the order has been paid and we will send your Modafinil to you within hours off the confirmation. Don’t forget we also send Worldwide with free delivery!!

Click on the different Currencies for more information!

We are accepting the following Cryptocurrencies:

buy modafinil with bitcon, buy nootropics with crypto
Bitcoin / BTC

Bitcoin / BTC, is the original Cryptocurrency and the most popular. It is great for people as the price fluctuations are relatively stable. It is also easy to purchase as there is a large community of people who buy/sell bitcoin, there are many exchanges and Bitcoin ATM’s making it ideal for beginners.

buy modafinil online with ETH / Ethereum
Ethereum / ETH

The second most valuable Cryptocurrency is Ethereum, this is more than a Currency it is also a platform which people use to create smart-contracts or block-chain apps. There is a great community of developers and users; the transaction fees are also very low.

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Stellar / XLM

Stellar Coin, also referred to as Stellar Limens, XLM and Lumens is a brilliant Cryptocurrency and my personal favorite. It was developed by Jed McCaleb and was forked from Ripple. The transactions are probably the fastest and cheapest of all crypto-currencies. IBM, Stripe and many large corporations are using the Stellar Network so its also a great potential investment.

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Monero / XMR

We are also accepting Monero, a great cryptocurrency which is focused on anonymity and privacy. This is being widely used for these reasons and it also offers fast transactions and low fees. We see this gaining a lot of value and are more than happy to accept Monero at Dr Modafinil!

Click Here for Our Monero Article

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Litecoin / LTC

Litecoin is another great popular cryptocurrency we are happy to accept for our ModPure Modafinil 100mg and 200mg Modafinil. Litecoin was an early bitcoin spin-off or altcoin, starting in October 2011. It is technically identical to Bitcoin although never reached anywhere near Bitcoins value.

We are also accepting Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and Dash!

buy modafinil with Bitcoin Cash / BCH
Bitcoin Cash / BCH
buy modafinil with Bitcoin Gold
Bitcoin Gold / BTG

If you have any questions about Paying by Cryptocurrency, have any suggestion or anything else for that matter please feel free to go to our Contact Us page!

We are Now Accepting Cryptocurrencies!
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We are Now Accepting Cryptocurrencies!
Dr Modafinil is now accepting Crypto-currencies. 10% discount on all Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Stellar Coin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero and Dash !
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Dr Modafinil
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